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  1. Venture
    by Stench
    Small Death Small Death
    Progressive, blackened yet still old-school death metal by members of Tribulation. Reminiscent of 90's Euro-death metal and yet very melodic and contemporary sounding. More polished than their previous release.
  2. In Putrescence
    by Stench
    Breath of the Rottenness Breath of the Rottenness
    Sort of a Carcass "Necroticism" vibe. A little rawer, angrier and faster than the second album "Venture". Black metal is certainly the dominant feature, but there are plenty of other features that make it very interesting stuff. Progressive song writing and cool bass lines.
  3. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
    Temple Interment Temple Interment
    Relentless. Will be on many 2017 best of lists. Will drown out the world with blast beats and fire. Some of the best black metal out there.
  4. ORM
    by ORM
    Temple of the Deaf Temple of the Deaf
    Really excellent blackened death metal. Nice changes in the songs. And some really good metal (almost thrash) riffs like Wode's release last year. Progressive, multi-dimensional, and long songs that have a nice sense of melody.
  5. Urraca
    by Sunless
    Obsidian Wing Obsidian Wing
    I doubt that there will be a better death metal album in 2017. Still, to call this "death metal" is a bit reductive. It has blackened doom aspects and a reliance on atonality that is closer to 70's jazz-fusion-art-rock rather than death metal riffage.
  6. Green & Black
    by Riftwalker
    States Of Decay States Of Decay
    Heard this at the end of 2016 and after a few listens it was already among the best death metal releases of the year for me. I appreciate a death metal group that does not feel the need to be so extreme that all nuance is totally lost, but also does not resort to primitivism. It is progressive, artistic, heavy, creative, and requires no gimmicks. Just good thoughtful compositions. I suppose Cynic/Atheist is a reference point.
  7. L.O.V.E.
    by Bitch Queens
    B-Stock Babies B-Stock Babies
    I do not yet own all the Bitch Queens records yet, but they are one of the few groups out there making completely killer deathpunk in the vein of Turbonegro and Glucifer. I love the vocals, the riffs, and the fun of these songs.
  8. Serpents Beneath The Shrine
    by Aetheric
    Irreparable Trauma Irreparable Trauma
    Fairly insane tech death. I wouldn't probably dig it if it were just an Origin clone. What is unique are the aspects of melodic death---like In Flames, etc. Combining those two styles is pretty cool. And it sure is fast.
  9. Blood Becomes Fire
    Caul of Time Caul of Time
    I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something grunge-alicious about this. Like Temple of the Dog filtered through really smelly bongwater. Although it has some of the outer trappings of sludge-metal, when I hear it, I hear Soundgarden.
  10. In A World Of Fear
    by Scale The Summit
    Goddess Gate (feat. Nick Johnston & Per Nilsson) Goddess Gate (feat. Nick Johnston & Per Nilsson)
    Tracks 1-4 are bit mellower and jazzier than previous releases. Track 5 and 6 are on the heavier side of the spectrum. Track 8 is classic StS. But I put track 9 as my favorite: it is pretty wild and has blast beats at the end.
  11. Gentle Doom
    by Cruel Wonders
    Walls Of Home Walls Of Home
    I wish there more music like this. Reminds me of the Sixteen Horsepower album Folklore and some Wovenhand songs. But with a gothic rather than an Americana vibe. Distorted guitars and beautiful vocals with sparse, minimal percussion. The result is hypnotic.
  12. The Plauge
    by Mordenial
    The Plauge The Plauge
    Only hearing the two pre-order tracks, I think this is going to be seriously good. Good mid-tempo thrash which a chainsaw guitar sound that reminds me of Entombed, Cancer, and 90's Euro death metal. It also reminds me of Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion by Old Man's Child, but with some slower crunchy bits.
  13. The Prescient
    by Antlion
    Hubris Hubris
    Death metal vocals...but the music is more progressive, djent, than old school death metal. It is like Scale the Summit had death metal vocals. In other words, unusual and completely amazing.
  14. Creeping Time
    by Misteyes
    Creeping Time Creeping Time
    I do not listen to a lot of symphonic metal, let alone stuff with operatic vocals. It often seems too contrived. But I really like Misteyes. Nice death metal vocals and really good song writing. The symphonic aspects do not sound cheap either. Top notch muscianship all around.
  15. Blackmailed Existence
    by Reaktion
    Blackmailed Existence Blackmailed Existence
    This is some metal thrashing mad retro crossover thrash. It has the speed of Crumbsuckers but certainly more metal than punk influences. There are a lot of the new thrash bands out there that I do not like because of the vocals and silliness. This band has good thrash vocals and no silliness.
  16. Thorr-Axe / Archarus - The Hobbit Split
    by Thorr-Axe
    Good Morning Good Morning
  17. Regret
    by Vagrond
    Visions of Regret Visions of Regret
  18. Vicissitudes
    by Autocatalytica
    Turbo Lawnmower Turbo Lawnmower
    This should be on extreme metal end of the year lists. Every song shows multiple influences so it is tough to generalize. What really blows me away are the vocals and uses of melody. Sort of Mr. Bungle meets grind and math-core--both musically and vocally. It is schizophrenic and extremely creative.
  19. Sleepy Plessow
    by Judicator
    The Philosopher King The Philosopher King
  20. Oceanus
    by Medda
    Hyperion Hyperion
  21. Conquest
    by Medda
    Atlas of the Mind Atlas of the Mind
    Awesome progressive instrumental metal. A little on the djent side of things, as a lot of solo instrumental prog-metal albums are these days. But it keeps enough of a rocking/organic/Joe Satriani vibe that it does not sound like it was made by robots. The songs are uniformly interesting and the musicianship is amazing.
  22. Kometen Kommer
    by Måneskjold
    Jordslået Jordslået
    Great space rock. Softer than Farflung, spacier than early Monster Magnet, but rocking and a little more orderly than Hawkwind, this is a great release. If things get too free-form space jam, then I tend not to like it. This is about as deep into the pure space rock genre as I can get, which is not too deep. Wonderful musicianship on all the songs.
  23. Nämïdäë
    by Öxxö Xööx
    Ländäë Ländäë
    The people who have said that this is indescribable are correct, but it could be a Mike Patton project, if he did a symphonic, blackened, progressive metal album in a made-up language. It really has to be heard to be believed. The French metal scene is intense and as innovative as any in the world, as this group shows.
  24. Vid Helvetets Grindar
    by Afgrund
    A Burning Cross On Your Perfect Lawn A Burning Cross On Your Perfect Lawn
    I love political grind ala Napalm Death and Nasum. It is a perfect marriage of the art form with content. Afgrund has the perfect grind vocals for me (no gore grind burping noises). I also love grind that has neck-snapping changes in tempo and breakdowns. Afgrund is just perfect in all respects. Every song just kills it.
  25. The Age Of Dumb
    by Afgrund
    Bullets Are Forever Bullets Are Forever
    Afgrund is some of the best grind on bandcamp, along with Keitzer. This album is a little more non-stop in its blasting and grinding than in the previous album. Thus, the songs are a little shorter on average. There are still some vicious breakdowns. The guitar sound is also a little rawer on this release. It is nice to see this variation in the releases, so I'm not complaining.
  26. Turbulent Resurgence
    by Noisear
    Blood Bag For The Leeches Blood Bag For The Leeches
    I generally like my grind to have longs that are a little longer than this. But what is great with Noisear is how fast they are and how you can actually understand the riffs. And they are great grind riffs. It reminds me of early Carcass a bit, except the riffs are a little more Dillinger Escape Plan-ish. In spite of the short songs, the songs are complicated and well composed. Some great breakdowns amidst the blasts too. Hard to pick a favorite as they collectively turn your brain to mush.
  27. A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
    by Obsidian Tongue
    Brothers in the Stars Brothers in the Stars
  28. True Shades of The True World
    by Crust
    Avarice Avarice
    I don't usually buy stuff from obscure sludge bands from Russia, but this is beautiful stuff. The vocals remind me of Vader, but the music is melodic, exotic, and absolutely pummeling sludge metal.
  29. The Origin of Error
    by Eclisse
    Impaler Impaler
    Seriously overlooked release. Reminds me of Jimmy Gnecco's band "Ours." Should appeal to fans of "Grave Pleasures." Like "Ours," it has amazing vocals with great range. Kind of a gothic post-punk-rock-metal Sunny Day Real Estate. Looking forward to future releases from this original group.
  30. Geomagnetic Hallucinations
    Blowholes Blowholes
    Sort of like The Dead Kennedys meets Hawkwind. The unique riffing and prog-organ reminds me a bit of the almighty Danava. Very cool space rock, with an emphasis on the rock. Amazing cover art.
    by NIXA
    Dies Irae Dies Irae
    Awesome, heavy mashup of the best of Crowbar and Neurosis. Epic riffs are offset by atmospheric and meditative song writing.
  32. Space Muffin
    by Kayleth
    Bare Knuckle Bare Knuckle
    I really dig this record. It is a lot like Sheavy musically, with a bit more spaciness. The vocals are also not far removed from Sheavy either...although not at all Ozzy sounding. Good stoner rock, with a touch of metal.
  33. REIGN
    by Sons Ov Omega
    Nuclear Salvation Nuclear Salvation
    This is going to be a top 10 metal release of 2017 for me. Cannot stop listening to it. Exotic progressive metal with both black, symphonic, and melodic death elements. Early Opeth is a reference point, but there is something more pagan/Viking metal going on here. Moments of Katatonia like gothic metal also. A very original mashup that is greater than the sum of its parts. Epic, heavy, and beautiful. They call themselves Apocalyptic Occult Metal...sounds right to me.
  34. Spaceous Cretaceous
    by Cybernetic Witch Cult
    High Wizard (King Of The Horsehead Nebula) High Wizard (King Of The Horsehead Nebula)
  35. GODS
    by Herder
    Gods Gods
    Very awesome stuff. Like an angrier, more metal Dozer. So impressive. Metallic stoner riffs, layered melodies, and vocals that are somewhere between Swedish melodic death metal, old Neurosis, and hardcore screamo. Herder mixes metallic Mastodon-like guitar pyrotechniques with doom sensibilities, and the hardcore rage of Earth Crisis.
  36. Fergean
    by Herder
    Killer stoner metal. A bit unclassifiable, like the Danish band Rising. Sort of like Entombed when they went towards Death n' Roll in the late 90s rather than playing death metal. Herder is a little more moody and post-rocky sludge than that...when they play sludge at least (like tracks 5 and 6). Sometimes they are very punky and thrashy (tracks 2 and 3). So a great mix of heavy styles...and those sludgey tracks are so, so heavy.
  37. Fear Is The Price Of Our Instrument
    by GODS
    Hateslick Hateslick
    I do not buy many three song eps, but this reminded me of early Crowbar. This is a little more metal and a little less Sabbath + Black Flag, but there are a lot of similarities to "Time heals Nothing." GODS has produced some really heavy jams that deserve to be heard.
  38. Alternātum
    by Monsterworks
    Divergence Divergence
    I keep listening to this album by Monsterworks, hoping that some accurate description will hit me. It hasn't yet. I can say that it has a truly epic feel, like you find in Tool or Neurosis. There are many different vocal approaches, all of them excellent--melodic, clean, death metal, tortured screams--all can be found here. Call the music progressive psychedelic death-doom. Sort of like if Crowbar and Bolt Thrower got in a car crash with Baroness and Pink Floyd. Don't ask me how, but it works.
  39. In the Court of the Spaceking
    by Spaceking
    54 54
    Both Spaceking albums are absolute monsters. Touches of space rock are paired with heavy as hell rawk and deep, deep grooves. Track 3 has vocals but besides that, this is a killer instrumental stoner rock album.
  40. Mount Rock
    by LICK
    She's Bad She's Bad
    I'm not sure which 80s sleaze rock band this sounds like the most. Musically, I would say Faster Pussycat. Vocally, the singer has a great clear voice: maybe White Lion is the closest (There is a song on here called "White Lion," which has some excellent cowbell, so its a fair reference point.) In any case, this is amazing modern 80s hair metal.
  41. Pyongyang
    by Zlatan
    Three Irises Three Irises
    Excellent metallic punk. Most like early least that is my point of reference. Has the rock bombastics of Turbonegro or Gluecifer, but far more metal than glam. It has groove too, which might appeal to the stoner rock crowd. All killer, no filler.
  42. Caracas
    by Zlatan
    The Ire Of God The Ire Of God
    The first two songs are fast punk rock songs. The more technical, metal influences are seen in the final, longer song. It is loud and full of fury.
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  43. Eye of Wicked Sight
    by Ecocide
    Terror From Beyond Terror From Beyond
    Although this is death metal, not grind, it reminds me of Napalm Death's "Utopia Banished." It is old school like that. Like Grave, early Gorguts, or Dismember...and of course Obituary. Fits right in there and is just as good as those classics.
  44. SAT061: Borow - The Pnakotic Manuscript (2013)
    by Satanath Records
    The Madness Comes Out From The Sea Depth The Madness Comes Out From The Sea Depth
    Deadly Lovecraft inspired death metal. Great artwork. Kind of like Decapitated. Some songs are fast as hell, others are slower and crunchy like some Morbid Angel songs. From Russia. Technical in parts, but never chaotic. It has a classic death metal and epic metal vibe that is amazing.
  45. A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring
    by Perihelion Ship
    The Emperor Idea The Emperor Idea
    Discovered this early 2017, but it is a best of 2016 release. "Still Life" era Opeth is the best reference point. In fact, this release by Perihelion Ship is better than the last 4 Opeth releases. Amazing progressive metal with death metal flourishes.