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  1. Omens
    by Desert Storm
  2. Forever Black
    by Cirith Ungol
    by Cosmic Reef Temple
    Ancient Orbital Dance Ancient Orbital Dance
    These is the one album I wanted from Transylvanian Tapes, at a price that gave me the other 63 releases on the label, which I am just starting to listen too. This album is amazing instrumental metal. It is like Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound and White Ward with a sort of epic Neurosis feel. Great stuff
    by MARV
    Bad Motor Fuck Bad Motor Fuck
    Seems like the bass player is picking up the vocal duties now and doing a fine job. Sounds a little like Daniel Davies from Year Long Disaster. It is a shift in sound...sort of Temple of the Dog now. Very cool.
  5. I. The Imminent Decline Of Human Spirit
    by Bones of the Earth
    Cold Dead World Cold Dead World
    Progressive, hardcore, metallic sludge. Sort of like Mastodon and Eyehategod in a fistfight. Very good stuff that more people should be listening to.
  6. The Face of the Great Green Devil
    by Monster Skull
    The Siege of Fleeth The Siege of Fleeth
    Hard to classify e.p. of Advanced D&D metal. I think of it as a mashup of Spirit Caravan and Wrathchild America. Each song is quite a bit different: it starts off like Manilla Road and ends up in Anthrax territory. So if you like progressive metal that balances math-rock, nwothm, thrash, and fuzz, I highly recommend it.
  7. Visions of the Horrible and Strange
    by Monster Skull
    The Black Door The Black Door
  8. Forever In Leather
    by Destructor
    World Of War World Of War
    If you are into metal, the get all the Destructor albums. They sort of have an early/raw Death Angel/Sacred Reich feel sometimes, which I really dig. But also some traditional metal touches (Cirith Ungol)
  9. Maximum Destruction [Skull Smashing Edition]
    by Destructor
    Maximum Destruction Maximum Destruction
    I haven't compared this version to the other one Destructor's website. This seems like the edition to have. It strikes me as something that would have been quite original at the time, turning thrash from pure speed to more riff oriented stuff like Sacred Reich and Violence. I can see how earlier Slayer and Kill 'em All might have influenced these guys, but they certainly keep that Midwest vibe, drawing from traditional metal and even punk.
  10. Decibel Casualties
    by Destructor
  11. Back In Bondage
    by Destructor
    Waltz In The Shadow Of The Hillside Waltz In The Shadow Of The Hillside
    Chrome Ghost continues their evolution into masters of progressive, long-form melodic heaviness.
  13. Iron Balls Of Steel
    by Loincloth
    Angel Bait Angel Bait
    Get ready to be confused by some seriously irregular drumming on some of the most intriguing instrumental metal ever made. Right up there with Dysrhythmia.
    by WANING
    Shadows on the Seawall Shadows on the Seawall
    Reminds me of early 90s Euro-goth/death fusion bands, with touches of proggy-folk metal, and touches of The Cure. I look forward to investigating this band's other releases. Very intense, varied, complex, and emotional.
  15. Psalm of the Morbid Whore
    by Loincloth
    Clausa Vulgate Clausa Vulgate
    If you know who Loincloth are, then you know to expect some crazy off-time tech-y drumming from another universe. If you do not know who they are, then listen up to one of the most talented metal drummers you have ever heard. Its not all about speed, my friend.
    by Battle Hag
    Prophetic Prophetic
    If you are like me and are not a big doom fan and not a fan of long songs, you might be skeptical of this album. I was. But this band has a great sense of melody with some of the guitar parts and the songs have a really progressive composition.
  17. Signals Through the Flames
    by Ian Blurton
    Tough to pick a favorite as every song is great. Reminds me of when I first listened to Black Mountain. Sort of like The Flaming Lips and The Sword mashed up with Grand Funk Railroad and Steppenwolf. So basically some very tasty grooves and expert hooks.
  18. Dayhiker
    by Young Hunter
    Hunger Hunger
    Glad to finally get this Young Hunter album. Boy they are tough to classify, but I will try. It is sort of like Mountain and Van der Graaf Generator got mixed with QotSA and Thin Lizzy, but they took the entire mood from Disintegration-era the Cure. Great, great album
  19. Legacy
    by Oath
    Back From Attack Back From Attack
    Nice gritty early Maiden feel here. I suppose the muted and muddy production is intentional, as the previous ep has a very clear and heavily reverbed production. In essence, a sort of shift from late 70s rock production to early 80s underground production has taken place. Regardless, these songs are great traditional metal anthems.
  20. Damned In Endless Night (Death/Sludge Metal)
    by WARCRAB (UK)
    In the Arms of Armageddon In the Arms of Armageddon
    I guess a small percentage of the riffs are sludgy. But it sounds like Carcass to me, also a little Entombed. Which means it is completely great.