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  1. Year of the Demon (Singles Compilation)
    by Night Demon
  2. Atlas
    by Besvärjelsen
  3. Moonbeams
    by Clyde Von Klaus
  4. The Singularity
    by Wo Fat
  5. Acute Mania
    by Steak
  6. New Age of Steel Vol. 1
    Anderson Tiago continually flies the flag for Heavy Metal. Any fan can get lost happily on his YouTube Channel. There is no doubt you will find some hidden gem or a band ready to break out. This collection is a must have for any true heavy metal maniac.
  7. SLEEPWULF - Sunbeams Curl
  8. Falling Mothership
    by Black Sky Giant
  9. ELDOVAR: A Story of Darkness & Light
    by Elder & Kadavar
    Being stuck because the world was at a standstill has brought one of, if not the, best album released in 2021. This collaboration perfectly syncs the sounds of both Elder and Kadavar. Hopefully when the world opens up again, they can tour on this album.
  10. Usurper of the Universe
    by SÖNUS
  11. Blood of the Old Gods
    by Restless Spirit
  12. Bring Down The Sky
    by Electric Yawn
  13. We Still Do This
    by Bound By Substance
    The Wolves The Wolves
    Bound By Substance give their heart and soul on every song. You can hear the fun and enjoyment they have making this album on every track. If you can catch them live at a Show, do it, because not only will you have a great time with the songs, you'll laugh and have a great time as they go back and forth at each other. Get this album, play it loud, and dance and have fun.
  14. self titled
    by SION
    Howard Jones is one of the best singers of his generation. Any album he is a part of is always a definite buy for me. This collab with Jared Dines will give your metalcore feelings goosebumps.
  15. Dark Majesty
    by Kal-El
  16. Under Acid Hoof
    by Acid Mammoth
  17. α
    by Blind Tendril
  18. In the Throes of Madness
    by Grim Earth
  19. Awareness
    by olneya
  20. Unmarked Boxes
    by Daxma
    Another great release from Blues Funeral. Atmospheric, haunting, and beautiful all at the same time. Unmarked Boxes is definitely in my Top 10 of 2021