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Matthew Lewis

  1. Arlington, Texas
  2. Punk
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  1. Unsaid
    by Bullfighter
    For Better or Worse For Better or Worse
  2. Temple Of Plenty
    by Somos
    Dead Wrong Dead Wrong
  3. Demise
    by Bullfighter
  4. Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
    Woodfall Temple Woodfall Temple
    I was honestly a little worried that this album wouldn't live up to its predecessor. I am very pleased to say that my worries were put to rest. This album is just as impressively grand as the first. This record stays true to the original music while adding scale and grandeur to the mix. It really is a remarkable work of art and well worth donating some money to.
  5. Staircase Wit
    by Best Case Scenario
    Leverage Leverage
  6. Limehouse blues
    by Accordi Disaccordi
  7. Modern Shakes
    by Banner Pilot
  8. The Weight That You Buried
    by Knuckle Puck
    Everything Must Go Everything Must Go
  9. Drift
    by Noble Sun
    If I Dwell in the Uttermost Parts of the Sea If I Dwell in the Uttermost Parts of the Sea
  10. Please Help Me I Am Very Sick
    by Tim Gilbert
    Intro/Crowd Work Intro/Crowd Work
  11. While I Stay Secluded
    by Knuckle Puck
    But Why Would You Care? But Why Would You Care?
    I can't tell you enough how much this album rocks! Knuckle Puck has yet to release anything that wasn't amazing! I can't recommend this album enough! (They're great live, by the way)
  12. Oak Street 7"
    by Knuckle Puck
    Oak Street Oak Street
  13. Little Wounds
    by Bobby Barnett
    Do You Think I'm Happy Do You Think I'm Happy
  14. Two Years
    by Sell Your Sky
    Temporary Temporary
    Really solid punk album. I love it. All the songs are great! You really can't go wrong on this one. If it's not in your collection, you're missing out!
  15. Sleeping Bear
    by Sleeping Bear
    All That You Love Will Be Carried Away All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
  16. Cave Johnson (remix of Reconstructing Science from Portal 2)
    by Sfork