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  1. "Lanzhou" (NRR108)
    by Yan Jun
  2. Arbuckle 7/28
    by Network Glass & Christian Mirande
  3. "The Alchemist: The Complete Recordings of Cold Electric Fire" (NRR73)
    by Cold Electric Fire
  4. "Biqui" (NRR70)
    by Forest Management
  5. Salmon Run
    by Graham Lambkin
  6. No Better No Worse (Vol 1)
    by Graham Lambkin
  7. Poem (For Voice & Tape)
    by Graham Lambkin
  8. "Proud Trash Sound" (RENTHIKE02/NRR64)
    by Buck Young
  9. MFLP A - Organ For the Senses
    by Marginal Frequency
  10. T Z A T Z I
    by Carmina Escobar
  11. Six or Seven Steps to the Door: Solo Improvisations
    by William Hutson
  12. Autofictions
    by Bruno Duplant, Pedro Chambel
  13. FGBH
    by John Wall /Mark Sanders /John Edwards
  14. Soleil Noir
    by Tim Gick
  15. Between Notes
    by AR/SURYA
  16. Vexations
    by Bionulor
  17. swimming salt 游泳的盐
    by Yan Jun and Ben Owen
  18. A Void
    by Kostis Kilymis
  19. aussen raum
    by Stefan Thut & Seth Cooke
  20. Adhesion Coefficient
    by Gene Pick