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Matthew Geense

  1. Spokane, Washington
  2. Folk
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  1. Super Vilaine EP
    by Sweet Crude
    Super Vilaine Super Vilaine
  2. Cattle Ranching in the Americas, Vol. I
    by Ovando
    Dupuyer Dupuyer
  3. Axis Mundi
    by Brown Bird
    Pale And Paralyzed Pale And Paralyzed
    It's a toss-up between "Pale And Paralyzed" and about 5 others for my favorite song. Repeat listenabilty is the main reason I purchased . . . something new to discover every time and there is not a single "skippable" song!
  4. The Reluctant Graveyard
    by Jeremy Messersmith
    A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard
    Simple, fun songs with touching lyrics. So happy to have happened upon this album!
  5. Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
    by Murder By Death
    Lost River Lost River
  6. removable beast
    by butter
    Skeletor Skeletor
    Love this album! My 3-year old is really into skeletons for some reason and digs "Skeletor." When I was putting her to bed last night, she said, "Dad, I really like that Skeletor song. It's really cool when they say "Skeletor." And then she sang a little and melted my heart. Thanks, guys!!
  7. Fauna Flora
    by Fauna Flora
    Sunday, A.M. Sunday, A.M.
    From jaunty to mellow, there are songs on this release that fit any mood. I find myself humming bits from these songs on an almost daily basis.
  8. Passenger
    by Wartime Blues
    Empire Builder Empire Builder
    Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. I've seen Wartime Blues in concert twice and love the music, but I especially love diving into the lyrics. Worth repeated listens every time.