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  1. Happy Days: Live In 2021
    by Chris Catalyst And His Group
  2. One Live
    by Ginger Wildheart
  3. Acoustic Machines
    by Chris Catalyst
  4. I Can't Believe It's Still Acoustic
    by Chris Catalyst
  5. Tomboy
    by Givvi Flynn
  6. Nail, Meet Hammer
    by Strange Unit
  7. How Did it Ever Come to This?
    by David Ford
  8. One Man Live
    by David Ford
  9. Strange Unit
    by Strange Unit
  10. Strange Unit
    by Strange Unit
  11. When The Dust Just Won't Settle
    by Captain Wilberforce
  12. Noire
    by VNV Nation
  13. Quality Air
    by TogetherAlone
  14. Singles Club (2017)
    by COLT45
  15. Fuck You Brain
    by Ginger Wildheart & Ryan Hamilton
  16. Braw Power
    by Yip Man
  17. The Echo Relay
    by GreyMarket
  18. Coast/My Shoe Fell Off/The Right Bin/Fuckers, Watching From A Far/To Me, To Me, To Me
    by Isle Of The Cheetah
  19. The First Kiss of Love
    by CRONIN
  20. FEEL
    by Hope and Social