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Matt Hades

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  1. Portal III
    by Dissentient
  2. The Cosmic Order
    by Experiment Specimen
  3. Adore
    by Numenorean
  4. Arcane Evolution
    by Unburnt
  5. Apophenia
    by Hannes Grossmann
  6. Compiler Optimization Techniques
    by The Algorithm
  7. Equinox
    by Gross Misconduct
  8. Procreation
    by Xenoblight
  9. Flavour Of The Weak
    by Front Line Assembly
  10. Echogenetic
    by Front Line Assembly
  11. <shutdown.exe>
    by 3TEETH
  12. Tech Noir
    by Cyanotic
  13. Awakening Inception
    by Æpoch
  14. Through Endless Tides
    by Unbowed
  15. Phobia of the Formless
    by Entity
  16. Ruins of Empires
    by Aeternam
  17. Asunder
    by Samskarasmetal
  18. Transmutant
    by Ruptured Birth
  19. Calling from a Dream
    by Inanimate Existence
  20. The Crypts Of Sleep
    by Hannes Grossmann
  21. The Fallen Sun
    by Sludgehammer
  22. Apotheosynthesis
    by Fractal Generator
  23. Dogma
    by Unbowed
  24. Forest of the Damned EP 2015
    by Post Mortal Possession
  25. Malediction
  26. Omens of Doom
    by Sulphur
    Horns from Canada!
  27. Yet Ye See Them Not
    by Akurion
  28. Organ Harvester
    by Sludgehammer
  29. No Victim (EP)
    by Castrator
  30. Arachni Supremacy
    by Ruptured Birth
  31. We're Flesh Obsessed
    by Serene Molestation
  32. Rejected Atrocity
    by Endless Chaos
  33. Extinction Necromance
    by XUL
  34. The Malkuth Grimoire
    by Alkaloid
    by Paroxysm
  36. Post Mortal Possession EP Possessing Entity 2014
    by Post Mortal Possession
  37. The Radial Covenant
    by Hannes Grossmann
    by Canadian Death Metal
  39. Infection Legacy
    by Death Toll Rising
  40. The Archillect
    by Dissentient
  41. Psychotic Pulse
    by Psychotic Pulse
  42. All Is Burning
    by The Fire Sermon
    by eyeswithoutaface
  44. The Disconnect
    by Gross Misconduct