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Matt Guy

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  1. The Ardennes
    by The Home Current
  2. At The Altar
    by Vampyres
  3. Ovations
    by Piano Magic
  4. Sizewell
    by Robin Saville & Oliver Cherer
  5. ΛΗΤΩ (Leto)
    by Dalot
  6. Seven at 77 2019
    by wiaiwya
  7. The Widows House
    by M Shutak
  8. k3
    by Kandodo
    by MALK
  10. I Feel Nothing Most Days
    by Oliver Cherer
  11. The Time Released Sound Around The World Ambient Program
    by various artists
    by Correlations
  13. Songs I Taped Off The Radio
    by Loner Deluxe
    This got me from the start and I love the way the artist has reflected his musical loves, taped from the radio as he grew up. Although the sources are diverse there is a style which bonds all of these songs together. Parts remind me of early Massive Attack. I'd love to here this on Vinyl and it certainly deserves a release.
  14. Vic Mars - The Hospice
    by Clay Pipe Music
  15. Enter The Stream
    by Prana Crafter
  16. Hurry On Sundown Florian!
    by Adam Higton
  17. Prosperpolder
    by David Colohan
  18. V/A - Present at the Terminal
    by Various Artists
  19. Stories Of Disintegration
    by Swoop And Cross
  20. Dollboy - Rites and Rituals
    by Dollboy
  21. Morning Tea Migraine
    by Ivan The Tolerable
  22. Bite The Hand
    by Moloko+
  23. From Nothing To Eternity
    by Charlottas Burnin' Trio
  24. The Back of Mass
    by Half Forward Line
  25. Disques d'Or: Sélection - Gare Du Nord & WIAIWYA compilation
    by Various Artists
  26. Sadhu / Past Life Regression Temples
    by Raising Holy Sparks
  27. Safer With The Wolves
    by Pete International Airport
  28. 424 EP
    by The All Golden
  29. Amsterdam 1981
    by THE CLASH
  30. Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition
    by New Dreams Ltd.
  31. Assassinous Act
    by Morgen Wurde
  32. Intro/Outro
    by Moths & Locusts
  33. Hang Me High
    by The Hanging Stars
  34. Search For The Vanished Heaven
    by Raising Holy Sparks
  35. Daydream Melodies
    by FREE / SLOPE
  36. Guide The Lightning
    by Guiding Light
  37. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand
    by Hampshire & Foat
  38. The Last Sense To Leave Us, A Tribute To Pauline Oliveros
    by Rural Colours
  39. There Is A Place
    by The Left Outsides
  40. The Mountain Rages
    by A Lilac Decline
  41. The Statue of the Hunter is Lost at Sea
    by Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon
  42. Wintersongs
    by Plinth
  43. Sun Suites For a Rising Moon
    by Directorsound
  44. Blackberries & Juniper Twigs
    by Divil A' Bit
  45. Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton
    by Reckno