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  1. Pieśń-Śmierć
    by Stworz
  2. In A Dark Tongue
    by Harvestman
  3. The Pagan Wolves Will Rise Again
  4. Black Sun
    by The Rhubarb
    I'd Do Anything I'd Do Anything
  5. The Great Expanse
    by Isak
  6. Sovereign
    by Ruadh
  7. Peace
    by Aye-aye
  8. Bridge of Weird
    by Dead Otter
  9. Cold Earth Wanderers
    by Skeleton Gong
  10. As The Stars
    by Woods of Desolation
  11. The Fast Sessions
    by Slow Bastard
  12. In Shadow
    by Bosphorus
  13. I, Necromancer
    by Atragon
    Jesus Wept Jesus Wept
    does what it says on the tin . great riffs , quality vocals , and the rythmn section to match . ye just don't need much else ! pay these guys some money !
  14. Black No. 1
    by Left Hand Black
  15. Last Church On The Moon
    by Menzoberranzan
  16. Thirty Hours Work Or Less
    by Psychotic Depression
  17. Pathfinder EP
    by Dead Otter
  18. Monoliths
    by Monoliths
  20. 1312