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Matt Butler

  1. Denver, Colorado
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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    by LosTengu
  2. Friends & Family 2
    by Cult Classic Records
  3. Solstice
    by Billinski, Breezewax, P.SUS
  4. Distant Rhythms EP
    by Breezewax
  5. What Matters Is Now EP
    by Breezewax
  6. Trembling in the Stone - a charity record
    by Nym
  7. The Mourning After Pill
    by Landon Wordswell
    Water Under The Bridge ft. Chris Burns (prod. Kondor) Water Under The Bridge ft. Chris Burns (prod. Kondor)
    Personal, heartfelt, and honest. No subject is off limits. The album feels like a book and the songs feel like chapters. One of the best overall albums I've ever heard.
  8. From Heart To Space
    by Eddie Allamand
  9. Traveling Man
    by Oddisee
  10. Flight Plan
    by J Bizness
  11. Black Chamber
    by Black Chamber
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cover) While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cover)
    More Black Chamber please! Smooth and chill, while also engaging.
  12. Cult Classic Records Present: Friends and Family
    by Cult Classic Records
    Hunting for Dragons Hunting for Dragons
    Nearly impossible to pick a favorite from this album. Premium songs from all the heavyweights. Every track is a Classic.
  13. The Night & Day EP
    by Thomas Prime
    Forget Everything ft. Landon Wordswell Forget Everything ft. Landon Wordswell
    Thomas Prime is legend. Each featured artist is awesome, and when paired with Thomas Prime everything reaches a new level and you realize you've never spent a better dollar.
  14. The Instrumental LP Vol.2
    by Thomas Prime
    Light It Up (Bonus Version) Light It Up (Bonus Version)
    Thomas Prime is, in my opinion, the best there is at what he does. This is top tier, just like all his work.
  15. Native Sun
    by Breezewax
    Earth Light Earth Light
    This whole album is gold. Listen to this if you want to ward away all negativity in your radius.
  16. Prey for Paralysis
    by Sadistik & Kristoff Krane
    Higher Brain Higher Brain
    Awesome duo, great combination of talents. It's almost too good- you know it's a little somber, but you can't help but listen again and again because it's so good.
  17. Contemplations of Life
    by Joseph Jacobs
    Dream (Vocals by Joseph Jacobs) Dream (Vocals by Joseph Jacobs)
    Skills. Vibes. Chill. Vibes.
  18. Benny & The Jetta
    by Benny Freestyles
    Heady Wraps Heady Wraps
    You don't have to blaze to enjoy Benny Freestyles, although it doesn't hurt. Good sound, good lines and good beats, definitely worth checking out.
  19. Immersion
    by Yeiv
    Eternal Peace Eternal Peace
    Worth the price. Love the use of nature sounds in a couple of the songs. Overall the word Zen comes to mind.
  20. The Balancing Act
    by Sadistik
    The Exception to Everything The Exception to Everything
    Honest and personal yet incredibly technical lyrics. Few can make that infusion as well as Sadistik does. The technicality is sometimes mindblowing.
  21. Edge City
    by Nym
    Before and After (ft Emancipator) Before and After (ft Emancipator)
    Love the concept of this album, it's unique, and very well done. Chill to this after work, or help you wake up in the right mood.
  22. Blueprint vs Funkadelic
    Too Funkadelic Too Funkadelic
    I LOVE this album. So funky and smooth. Plenty different, but by no means too out there.
  23. Revolution
    by Shag
    Searching For Better ft. Landon Wordswell Searching For Better ft. Landon Wordswell
    Upper echelon talent and vibes. And anyone who does a song with Landon Wordswell gets a +1 in my book.
  24. Sign Language
    Untitled Untitled
    This man is too talented.
  25. Overseas
    by Bambino aka Bluesleep
    The Death of Bambino The Death of Bambino
    Slightly new sound from Monitors and Cold Wood Burn. I like this slight transformation, however it would be described. I dig it, probably my favorite Bambino release.
  26. Minutes
    by Steve Blair
    Rouse Rouse
    As chill as it gets. For the ultimate chill-out sesh, look no further. Peaceful and vibe-y without ever approaching boring.
  27. They Say Just Wait Till Morning EP
    by Senpai
    Suzuka Suzuka
    Probably Senpai's best release. Great vibe.
  28. Before Freedom - by Blueprint
  29. Obsolete - by The Orphanage (Slug, Eyedea, Blueprint, Aesop Rock, & Illogic)
  30. Sleep-(Long Version)
    by Joseph Jacobs (DJ Skip)
  31. Sadistik & Kid Called Computer - The Art of Dying
    by Sadistik
    Save Yourself Save Yourself