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  1. Dijon, France
  2. Punk
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  1. The Constant One
    by Iron Chic
    Don't Drive Angry Don't Drive Angry
  2. Trimurti
    by Low-pass
    Glide Glide
  3. H
    by DJ Obake
    Voyager Voyager
  4. Kaiju
    by It Looks Sad.
    Creature Creature
  5. Get Olde
    by Crying
    Bloom Bloom
  6. The Distance Is So Big
    by Lemuria
    Oahu, Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii
    by Clement Gary
    From Border To Border From Border To Border
  8. Europe Tour 2015
    by Peter Black "Blackie" & Forest Pooky
    Choosing lies Choosing lies
  9. Oversleepers International
    by Emperor X
    €30,000 €30,000
  10. Tired Eyes
    by Cayetana
    Age Of Consent Age Of Consent
  11. New Teeth
    by High Dive
  12. Bison
    by Bleeding Heart Narrative
    HAL Passes The Turing Test HAL Passes The Turing Test
  13. Fuck You Up With Some Truth
    by The Fucking Cops
    Gloria Gloria
  14. Iron Chic / Toys That Kill Split LP
    by Iron Chic
    The Old Man Of Crete The Old Man Of Crete
  15. you're doin' great!
    by Bong Mountain
  16. Color by Number
    by Prayer Chain
    Bubble Bubble
  17. TP/ST
    by Toasted Plastic
    Haunted Haunted
  18. Cool
    by Drawstring
    Weekend Weekend
    by Fridge Poetry
    Still Pills Still Pills
  20. I've Got This
    by Austeros
    Island Island