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  1. Until the End of the Moon
    by Astari Nite
  2. From The Very Beginning
    by Ariadne's Thread
    Numinous Numinous
    Damn, I'm impressed.

    This is something that connects to the medieval music that was popular here in the 90s: It's dark, it's brooding, it's got texture and richness, it's done earnestly; with skill, enjoyment and heartblood put into it.

    This is neo-mediaval music that you can play outside, at night, with a strong wind blowing and while you get fully lost in the moment.
  3. Midnight Conversations
    by Astari Nite
  5. NOIRE (44khz / 24bit version)
    by VNV Nation
  6. BATTLETECH (Original Soundtrack)
    by Jon Everist
    'Mech Bay Cantata 'Mech Bay Cantata
    I will refrain from a full, proper review until I have had a chance to listen to the full album, both by itself as well as in the game.

    But I will say this: After his Shadowrun OSTs and after listening to the preview tracks made available, I decided to purchase the Battletech Soundtrack by Mr. Everist even though I'll get it fo free when the game releases. Take this as you like.
  7. Hardwired
    by Mitch Murder
    This is quintessential Cyberpunk.

    It has attitude. It has chill. It has anime influences. It has a tiny bit of 8-bit hidden deep inside. And it rocks all the way through.

    From cruising through neon-lit streets of a chromed metropolis to vicious fights in dirty alleys, in the shadows of glittering skyscrapers, this EP has it all.

    Personal use: Backdrop music for Shadowrun & Cyberpunk 2020 sessions, as well as general Cyberpunk-related creative stuff. (Writing or photo manipulation/retouch)
  8. Soli Deo Gloria
    by Apoptygma Berzerk
  9. Shadowrun: Hong Kong Original Soundtrack
    by Jon Everist
    The Ancient Mirror The Ancient Mirror
  10. Loremaster
    by Garadrak
  11. Wetware Computer
    by Sferro
  12. ░ ▒ ▓ █
  13. Girls On Bikes
    by OSC
  14. Wie man eine Mauer baut
    by Mehr Licht
    If you like some good post-punk, post-wave minimalist rock with lyrics harking back to smoke filled, monochrome clubs of the very late 80s/very early 90s... Give them a listen. Even if you don't understand German, you might very much enjoy it.

    Hopefully Mehr Licht follow it up with Mehr Musik. :)
  15. Black Tide
    by Black Flamingo
  16. Particle Void
    by Sphäre Sechs
  17. Instances
    by Stratos Zero
    Seeker Seeker
    From Neuromancer to Shadowrun 2nd Edition. This is a classic, wonderful, electrified Cyberpunk sound. From down in the barrens into the high-end clubs. This is the soundtrack Edgerunners live their life to.
  19. The Urban Files
  20. A New Dawn (Cover Edition)
    by Timothy Seals
  21. FTL
    by Ben Prunty
    Deepspace (Explore) Deepspace (Explore)
  22. Autochthon
    by Not Applicable
    Divergence Divergence
    First listened to Not Applicable in '99. It continued to stay with me. Now I know who's behind it, and I'm so happy to have found a way to support and share this now, in 2014. Thank you. :)
  23. Chapter I - The Ingval States
    by The Blue Salamander
  24. Beauty of Bulverdoch
    by Det Svarta Landet
  25. A Questing Knight
    by Garadrak
  26. Winter Sun
    by Black Flamingo
  28. A Color for Fiction
    by Invocation Array
  29. Star Ruler
    by Artem Bank
    A Sheet of Metal Between Flesh and Nothing A Sheet of Metal Between Flesh and Nothing
  30. XO Sneak Peak
    by Jim Guthrie
    subscriber exclusive
  31. The New Black Gold 2013
    by Miracle Of Sound
  32. I
    by Spectral Kingdom
  33. General Relief
    by The Present Moment
  34. Collection I
    by Anne Munition
  35. Dark Ambient of 2016
    by Cryo Chamber