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Mathias Ølfrygt

  1. Dresden, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
    Zyklon /b/ Zyklon /b/
  2. Tall Sun Crooked Moon
    by Gin Lady
    Into The Wasteland Into The Wasteland
  3. Will of the Primordial
    by Grima
    Siberian Sorrow Siberian Sorrow
  4. Hvísl Stjarnanna
    by Sinmara
    Hvísl Stjarnanna Hvísl Stjarnanna
  5. The red Wanderer
    by Isgalder
    The red Wanderer The red Wanderer
  6. Without A Sound
    by The Main Squeeze
    Get At Me Get At Me
  7. The Main Squeeze
    by The Main Squeeze
    Where Do We Go? Where Do We Go?
  8. TRE
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
    Heart Of The Mountain Heart Of The Mountain
  9. EP III
    by Carpenter Brut
    Turbo Killer Turbo Killer
  10. EP II
    by Carpenter Brut
    Obituary Obituary
  11. EP I
    by Carpenter Brut
    Disco Zombi Italia Disco Zombi Italia
  12. Mother's Ruin
    by Gin Lady
  13. Parallel Lives
    by Meteor
    Escape The Fate Escape The Fate
  14. Retro Rangers
    by Fury Weekend
    12 To Midnight 12 To Midnight
  15. Enūma Eliš
    by apoa
    Friend or Foe Friend or Foe
  16. Parallel Lines
    by apoa
    The Tide And Its Shore The Tide And Its Shore
  17. The Spirit EP
    by The Lips ov Fire
  18. With Doom We Come
    by Summoning
  19. Oath Bound
    by Summoning
  20. Old Mornings Dawn
    by Summoning
  21. Lugburz
    by Summoning
  22. Life On Ares
    by Plainride
    El Coyote El Coyote
  23. epitaphs
    by Obscure Sphinx
    Nieprawota Nieprawota
  24. Void Mother
    by Obscure Sphinx
    The Presence Of Goddess The Presence Of Goddess
  25. Grandmother
    by Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree
  26. Superglue For The Broken
    by Tangled Horns
    Shadow ( A Personal Piece Of Darkness) Shadow ( A Personal Piece Of Darkness)
  27. Verdandi
    by Nornír
    valhalla´s call valhalla´s call
  28. Antagonist
    by Praise the Plague
    Darkest of Seas Darkest of Seas
  29. III
    by Weedpecker
    Liquid Sky Liquid Sky
  30. In Flickers
    by Lycia
  31. Autumn Kings
    by Décembre Noir
    Between Silence and Shards Between Silence and Shards
  32. Evil Squad II
    by Raydar
    Murder Music Murder Music
  33. Horse Blood
    by Judge Bitch
    BS10 BS10
  34. Restos Humanos
    by Restos Humanos
    Creaturas desde la selva Creaturas desde la selva
  35. How I Reached Home
    by Burning Gloom
  36. 1st Sound
    by Kaiser
    Earthquake Earthquake
  37. Middle of Nowhere EP
    by Cold and Grey
    appears in 1 other collection
  38. Harmony of Spheres
    by Puta Volcano
    Infinity Infinity
  39. Wizard of phüzz
    by Cleõphüzz
  40. Dayburner
    by Haunted
  42. Absinthe Moon
    by Mountainwolf
    Krishna Krishna
  43. The Silk Road
    by Mountainwolf
  44. Witches' Dance - EP
    by Black Lines
  45. Terra Solus
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof