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Mat Cotton

  1. Rennes, France
  2. Alternative
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  1. The Consistent Brutal Bullshit Gong
    by Market
  2. Dungeon Master
    by Gus Englehorn
  3. The New Gullet Suite
    by Unto
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. Versions of Modern Performance
    by Horsegirl
  5. Germ House EP
    by Germ House
  6. IT WAS WORTH IT TO LOVE, though it hurt so bad
    by Death Parade
  7. The News Unfit
    by Solipse
  8. The Australian Cyclone Intensity Scale
    by Dom & The Wizards
  9. World's A Chore
    by Germ House
  10. Spoiled Legacy
    by Germ House
  11. Hope
    by Manic Maya
  12. Hayday
    by feeble little horse
  13. Times
    by Wu-Lu
  14. Stay Grounded
    by Free Live Sports
  15. Non Wake Up Cloks
    by My Own
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. I'm Gen X
    by THURST
  17. uh-oh it's me
    by philary
  18. celebración del trance profano - lp
    by les conches velasques
  19. Bisignis
    by So Cow
  20. Sea of Limbs
    by Sea of Limbs
    So 90's-Slint-ish brilliant. No nostalgia here, just a perfect balance.