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  1. Third Light
    by Pitch Black
  2. Fantasy
    by STRFKR
  3. Dark Seasons
    by Unknown Land
    UKLD have really taken it to the next level in Dark Seasons. It's like everything you have grown to love about them over the years... but better. Rob's deep, layered electronics / instrumentation, and Lucia's soaring vocals give me the most beautiful chills. Dark Seasons is one of those albums you listen to and think, "I wish I made this". One of 2019's best releases!
  4. The Definition of Home
    by The Ambiguity
  5. Ocean Love
    by Vague Notion
  6. Fruit Salad (Passion Fruits Remixes)
    by Walter Fini
  7. "nice trash"
    by Jeans Wilder
  8. Hidden In Plain Sight
    by Vivisect
  9. Eyes Of The Moon
    by Seahawks
  10. Being No One, Going Nowhere (REMIXES)
    by STRFKR
    A lot of respect has been paid to the original tracks on this remix album by offering a fresh perspective while keeping the elements that made the songs so special in the first place. A nice offering from STR FKR as we wait for their next major album. Highly Recommended!
  11. Oolluu
    by Oolluu
  12. Tears Of The Deep
    by Seahawks
  13. Eternal Beams
    by Seahawks
  14. ON
    by DevilMonkey
  15. Oshin
    by DIIV
  16. Passion Fruits
    by Walter Fini Music
    Something completely new from the king of ambient Walter Fini (aka Desh Alb). A 5 track album of bangers no less, and like the master he is, Walter slips into this new genre like a Red, Velvet Smoke Jacket in the Playboy Mansion! Passion Fruits! Get on it!!
  17. Barbara rUFO
    by Tom Ellard
  18. Inward Lap
    by Land Switcher
  19. Law of One Remixes
    by The Black Hundred
  20. Publicist
    by Tom Ellard
  21. Aversion 2
    by Sevcom All Stars
  22. Ourdom
    by Solar Fields
  23. Contact High
    by Meter Bridge
  24. Pleomorphism
    by Ok Sure
  25. Paradise
    by Hypersunday
    The Boatman Dance The Boatman Dance
    Simply superb! Syl Niet has taken her work to the next level. Paradise is quite simply one of the best albums of 2018.
  26. UNO
    by Unknown Land
  27. Forgotten Hearts
    by Bjorn Rohde
  28. Reflections (Dub)
    by Various Artists
  29. Behind Clouds
    by Purl
  30. We Were Here
    by Sven Laux
  31. Foundations 2
    by Various Artists
  32. Shallow Remixed
    by Porya Hatami
  33. And Then We Were Surrounded
    by Sven Laux
  34. Silence Speaks When The Words End
    by Nikosf.
  35. Landfall
    by Marco Madia
  36. This Tide Will Bring You Home
    by Snufmumriko
  37. Foundations
    by Various Artists
  38. No Point In Holding On
    by Alveol
  39. Dawn
    by Alex Humann
  40. Shells
    by Halftribe
  41. Rest In You
    by Purl & Deflektion
  42. Point of View
    by Martin Nonstatic
  43. Lunar Aviary
    by Dave Wesley
  44. Plant Intelligence
    by Lav
  45. Vapor Sequences
    by The Green Kingdom