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  1. Solamente Augustine
    by c.soûle aka wiley soule
  2. Surrender
    by Armageddon Sleeping
  3. Canvas Doubles
    by survey channel
  4. A Certain Amount of Spillage EP
    by c.soûle
  5. Cutting Moments
    by Brian Sangmeister
  6. Music For No Tomorrow
    by Burial Grid
    Indivisibility Indivisibility
    This album is black-velvet-lined cynical optimism, a constellation in the darkness, navigating the listener to a place they didn't know they needed until now.
  7. Remains
    by Burial Grid
  8. Lacrimorta
    by Lacrimorta
  9. Bird in the Wood
    by snwv
  10. Time To Leave Earth
    by Alvin Eighties
  11. Left Alone
    by Of the Vine
  12. Raven (Ворон)
    by Wraithwalker
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. My Sweet Lord
    by Dave Lancaster
  14. Kona
    by A Journey of Giraffes
  15. Memory
    by Chalk Portraits
  16. Drone Storm
    by Wolfgang Merx
  17. Apprehension Dwells in the Mist
    by Brian Sangmeister
  18. Shores of Quiddity
    by Burial Grid
  19. Eyes on the Horizon (single)
    by Brian Sangmeister & Star Madman
  20. Perennial Twilight
    by Brian Sangmeister