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  1. Last Live
    by Mika Vainio
  2. She's Calling EP
    by Octo Octa
  3. For the first time
    by Black Country, New Road
  4. Yellow River Blue
    by Yu Su
    Futuro Futuro
    "Futuro" simply has the most attractive dub bassline I've heard in quite some goddamn time.
  5. Ambivalent EP
    by Kessler
    Kwaku Kwaku
    The history of electronic music even rushes through the veins of "Moonlight Branches" when we hear hints of the amen break directly on the track (3:03) – it’s like a celebration of how good this all can be.
  6. Devil's Rain
    by maria bc
    Adelaide Adelaide
    These tracks are solemn hymns, each one finds the meditative sprawl interrupted by the sudden pulse of a reassuring or goosebumps-inspiring moment, like a nimble melody or a ghostly coo, so long as you’re patient enough to allow each one to unfold in the space.
  7. Ignorance
    by The Weather Station
    Parking Lot Parking Lot
    ...capturing the stillness of your body during sleep, but all the instrumentation that flares up around it reminds me of the lucidity of a dream state, the possibility of anything to happen when you’re in Mr. Sandman’s sandbox.
  8. Repetition Hymns
    by Black Swan
    The Innocence of Sleep The Innocence of Sleep
    Every day I wake up with a new thought ringing in my head. Each track from the 'Repetition Hymns' gives me an opportunity to hit the reset button and hope for a brand new mood.
  9. Goya
    by Badmixday
    Creature Behind the Wall Creature Behind the Wall
    The percussive rhythms are barely as recognized under such a seaweed tangle of aquatic timbres. This is an exciting maturation of style, almost neglecting pace to let themselves free and take a track wherever feels most natural.
  10. Gas Lit
    by Divide and Dissolve
    Oblique Oblique
    Empathetic to the Earth, ‘Gas Lit’ channels the scorching fury at the core of our planet, with droning, cavernous sludge metal tracks evoking exactly what the duo stand for – the rotting away of white supremacy.
  11. Udondolo
    by Urban Village
    Ubaba Ubaba
    This album traces the history of South Africa, trekking from location to location within Johannesburg, genre to genre, mood to mood in the hopes of picking up a souvenir from each spot and bringing it into this fast-moving, electro-fied, Spotify-era present tense. It all snaps into place when you find out what 'Udondolo' actually means: walking stick.
  12. Spare Ribs
    by Sleaford Mods
    Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor) Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor)
    Sleaford Mods major in vitriolic rants over concrete-cold beat loops, icepicking away the nasty outer shell of a modern, pompous, imprisoning England. This time, they tidy all the havoc up in the hope of making proper “songs”, also hoping to attack fake authenticity in the process.
  13. Isles
    by Bicep
    Apricots Apricots
    You can tell Bicep understand the healing properties of really good electronic music, and at the best of times, they wharf-jump for that greatness in the hopes they might take off into the metallic sky.
    by NYSE
    Bike Lane Extension Opening May 2017 Bike Lane Extension Opening May 2017
    A loud and dense album for the summer, but not a luxurious, relaxing summer, instead the suffocating, sniffly, sweaty feeling of a heat wave closing in. The robust, clockwork rhythms of 'Millennialism' are polluted with a dense smoke of miscellaneous sound, mirroring the repetitive, weary swamp of daily life.
  15. bob's son: R.A.P. Ferreira in the garden level cafe of the scallops hotel
    by R.A.P. Ferreira
    redguard snipers ft SB the Moor redguard snipers ft SB the Moor
    The grounded idea underneath all this absurdity is to try and dissolve away individualism, no longer worrying about having a personal impact yourself, but instead to embrace an in-the-moment feeling and share that as a community, as a collective. In other words, don’t stress over what it means to appreciate snowmen, or to enjoy an oatmeal cookie. Just appreciate the snowman, and enjoy your oatmeal cookie.
  16. Sally Pilgrim
    by Sally Pilgrim
  17. Cheater
    by Pom Poko
    Danger Baby Danger Baby
    Between the pre-chorus on “Danger Baby” and the end of “Look” respectively, the album’ll cradle your eardrums with the kind of warmth only a mother could give and then thrash it to pieces with the kind of aggression that only a… mother could give.
  18. Aethernet
    by Fax Gang
    Extant (feat. AOL) Extant (feat. AOL)
    The sound of ‘Aethernet’ is an Internet blizzard. Bundle up.
  19. Drunk Tank Pink
    by shame
    Snow Day Snow Day
    What Shame are doing with 'Drunk Tank Pink' is completely out of love for post-punk as a genre, feet firmly planted onto what has been done already and meticulously trying to align the moves correctly.
  20. From the Coral to the Grey
    by Give Me Monaco