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  1. Communication Is Key
    by Wholewheat
    Camouflage the Mirage Camouflage the Mirage
    An infectious lo-fi pop album, with dreamy vocals & solid rythmn sensibility, harbouring some background melancholia & tinged with a slight psychedelic tone. Wholewheat has established his own sound & identity, but is confident enough to experiment with various genres. There's tunes which subtly navigate different paths to one another without compromising the flow of the album. From the Beck meets Pet Sounds style of 'Powder Keg' to the grungy folky blues of 'I'm so Alone' or the Air colliding with the Moody Blues feel of 'Communication is Key' there is no deviation from the sound or style. The grainy lo-fi DIY aesthetic only enhances the album, making it honest & credible. Although the songs are spacious & unrushed the album is just about the right length & is full of character & charm
  2. I'm So Alone (The Ballad of Mudflap Williams)
    by Wholewheat
    Slightly more downbeat (but good downbeat!) than previous releases. A sweet, folksy slice of Americana, lo-fi style!
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  3. Battery Point
    by Battery Point
    Violet Dream Violet Dream
    Accidentally stumbled across this band while checking out San Francisco's Free Paintings.(Ironically Battery Point is of one of my own albums & a lighthouse near me!) This band identify with the C86 Indie scene- they certainly have elements of that bit of alternative music history- jangly guitars, pounding bass & drums, finished with a poppy vocal style & sensibility. However, this band take those elements further, creating their own sonic identity which can only be described as C86 plus!!
  4. goodbye
    by free paintings
    goodbye goodbye
    What can I say- anything with super-duper art-nik, Whorhaigh K in is fantastic in my opinion! A great couple of psychedelic tinged tunes, reminiscent of the sort of records 4ad were treating us to about 25 years ago. Infectious jangle-pop & effing impressive production!
  5. Powder Keg
    by Wholewheat
    This tune has plenty of space to grow and form, nice & unhurried. It has a spacy, dreamlike feel with it's slightly slowcore-style drum patterns and ethereal vocals-not unlike the experimental nuances of bands such as Mercury Rev & the Flaming Lips. There's a subtle melancholy here too, in the lyrics & their delivery-Reminds me of old school Americana-tinged indie, bands like Galaxie 500 and Saturnine 60. A hook filled killer chorus is one of this song's main draws; plus, the effective, economic and simplistic guitar strumming proves that you don't have to go all widdly-diddly with your guitar work to nail a fantastic tune
  6. Erudite Stoner
    by Erudite Stoner
    Waiting for the storm Waiting for the storm
    Beautifully crafted, atmospheric acoustic tunes
  7. Benjamin Blue EP
    by Benjamin Blue
    Coral Coral
    The very foundations of songwriting are challenged in these impressive bunch of tunes, be it from the rich vocal work, the highly original guitar lines or the experiments with time signatures & song construction. To my ears, I wouldn't be able to compare this band to anyone else. Just listen to the pop hooks at odds with sonic experimentation in a song like 'Eliot' & how effective they are. This is truly individual music
    by Various
    Master Harker - Black Nore (Alternate take) Master Harker - Black Nore (Alternate take)
    Come on download this one, I'm on it and it's full of eclectic, mad, noisy, beautiful tunes
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  9. Demo
    by Almost Aimless
    Tonight Tonight
    I downloaded this because it reminded me straight away of lo-fi punk bands that have been an inspiration for my own tunes, namely Gaunt, Black Flag & Minor Threat. These two tracks are a nice, short, sharp shock!
  10. Out Of Step
    by Minor Threat
    Betray Betray
  11. Don't Piss On Me, I'm Already Dead
    by Crywank
    Love Love
    Crywank are constantly evolving. With this new album they retain the DIY feel & all the emotional clout of the previous recordings. However, something mighty is happening with this band that sets them apart from other lo-fi bands- the unashamed soul-baring, the effortless creativity, the hooks and ideas which make you think, 'I wish I'd thought of that!' This recording, I think, is their best- the production is spacious and atmospheric & has ambience and depth. Just listen, ok?!
  12. Harry & The Gondolas
    by Harry & The Gondolas
    Brisbane River Brisbane River
    I stumbled upon this band playing a set in the street on the hottest day of the year while I waiting for the bus (that was late!) at Cabot Circus, Bristol. I didn't have any money at the time to show my appreciation, so downloaded a copy later. The live performance I saw was punchy, infectious and full of energy, folky, deep and honest, which translates seamlessly into this recording. The musicianship is really something else on this release driving on some lovely,well crafted & thoughtful songs. Really glad my bus didn't turn up on time because I would have missed this band. Don't miss out either- give Harry & The Gondolas a go! :)
  13. Inside & Out (Dugg's Demo)
    by Wholewheat
    A lo-fi gem, with a nice bit of late 60s British psychedelia-style organ, especially liked the solo part at the end- as the music faded I found myself humming a spacey guitar solo playing in tandem with the organ that would have have happened in the extended version of this tune that plays in my head! That's what inspirational music like this does!
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  14. My Year Off
    by JC and The Nobodies
    Every Idea Is Brilliant Every Idea Is Brilliant
    This album sounds like Vashti Bunyan and Ween got heavily caffeinated and helped write an alternative soundtrack to the Wicker Man in a small room with a solvent-based atmosphere- in simpler terms an unhinged but highly listenable experimental album!
  15. The Clearing
    by Nigel Barnes
    The Clearing The Clearing
    What can I say- BUY THIS ALBUM! Punky notes, reminiscent of noughties power punk bands at odds with complex and very delicate acoustic playing, which brings to mind Nick Drake & the acoustic outings of Led Zep. Each track has plenty of ideas going on, such as the strings on 'Papercuts' & keys on Track 9. Great lyrics & a very honest & effortless vocal delivery. If you're a fan of 90s US & UK acoustic/alternative/punk bands that were overlooked by Grunge & Britpop (I'm thinking Mega city 4, Levellers, Buffalo Tom & China Drum) then this is for you! Nice slick production, a very well put together album, full of hooks and memorable moments, go on, have a listen-you'll like this 'un!
  16. Flamenco Metal
    by Malcura
    Ayendi Ayendi
    Sounds like Paco Pena, Metallica, Juanillo de Alba & Sepultura decided to mix their DNA & have a genetic love-child who would end up sharing a flat with Rodrigo y Gabriela! Great metal/ flamenco hybrid music where the players are confident & creative enough to make music that is both familiar and original; crammed with thoughtful & inventive ideas. If you ever listened to a metal album & wished there was more than one token flamenco/acoustic/ rock-crossover track then this is definitely for you!
  17. Mind Spills
    by OnePlusTwo
    Meet Me In The Waves Meet Me In The Waves
  18. Holiday City Tapes
    by Wholewheat
    Ceiling Fan (Dugg Frump Edit) Ceiling Fan (Dugg Frump Edit)
  19. pet names
    by prater saith
    faith is a two letter word faith is a two letter word
  20. Music for Fake Piano
    by Ian Haygreen
    Chasing the Thrill Chasing the Thrill
  21. Ruf Draft EP
    by Wholewheat
    It's Worse Now It's Worse Now
  22. VA - A Dreaded Sunny Day - A Tribute to The Smiths
    by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records
    The Us - How Soon Is Now The Us - How Soon Is Now
  23. i keep dreaming i was born without teeth
    by six year days
    page one page one
    A collection of lovely, Lo-fi lullabies
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  24. The N.C.A. Sessions
    by The Rifleman
    This is Anarchy This is Anarchy
    Gentle folky guitar tones paint vivid mental pictures
  25. Voyage Of Oblivion
    by Jim Johnston
    12 Perfect 12 Perfect
  26. Murder For Girls
    by Murder For Girls
    Mitsuko Mitsuko
    The best thing I have heard in ages! Punky hooks and lovely harmonies with flavours reminiscent of the Donnas, Veruca Salt, Babes in Toyland and the Ramones
  27. Fish Are Friends - Naked I Records Spring Sampler 2015
    by Naked I Records
    Schrödinger's Cat (Probably Dead Version) Schrödinger's Cat (Probably Dead Version)
    I actually can't fault any tunes on this compilation- A collection of acoustic and full band songs that are all unhinged, upbeat and mad as a lorry
    by Meter Bridge
  29. VA - Leave Them All Behind - A Tribute To Ride
    by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records
    Wozniak - Time Machine Wozniak - Time Machine
    Download this and you will be in Ride Covers Heaven!
  30. We Had The Whole World
    by Jack Motel
    We Had The Whole World We Had The Whole World
  31. a flash of dark // a wash of light
    by Jon, the Archivist
    martyr martyr
    Desolate but beautiful acoustic tunes
  32. Songs From My Parents Basement
    by Wholewheat
    Anyhow Anyway Anyday Anyhow Anyway Anyday
    Psychedelic, lo-fi acoustic masterpiece from the king of DIY music
  33. Claws
    by The Ragshakers
    Blues Bug Blues Bug
    A nice slice of Americana-infused anti-folk!
  34. the jukebox will tear us apart
    by Angel Tech
    My favourite Bristol band!
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  35. Leaving Paradise
    by ambientsketchbook
    Summer's End Summer's End
    Mellow, hypnotic, lets you drift away...
  36. Songs From My Parents Basement
    by Wholewheat
    Tragic Death Tragic Death
    Fantastic voice, guitar playing, song arrangement, the lot. Has a classic sixties west coast feel to it, but also remains original and contemporary
  37. Reset: A Music Compilation
    by Various
    Flyro - Underwear Sand Flyro - Underwear Sand
    I know I'm on this compilation, but I really appreciate the other artists' tracks.This album is full of eclectic,fantastic tunes and plenty of surprises
  38. "be like the train and not the smoke..."
    by Pale Barn Ghosts
    Old when I was young Old when I was young
    Fantastic Americana guitar music, sounding somewhere between the Arlenes and a cheerier Mark Kozelek
  39. Free Sampler
    by Fluttery Records
    Tror Ikke På Ny Revolusjon Tror Ikke På Ny Revolusjon
    A collection of absorbing and beautiful music
  40. ish
    by JC and The Nobodies
    Treehorn Treehorn
    Nicely unsettling and more experimental in nature than previous releases, highly addictive and listenable, buy it!
  41. Deadweight Revival
    by Attack! Vipers!
    Raised by Wolves Raised by Wolves
    If you can't bang your head to this, then what is wrong with you? Excellent get up and mosh music!
  42. Subzero
    by ambientsketchbook
    Remorse Remorse
    Lovely, atmospheric mood music
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  43. Seeing in the Dark (Demo)
    by Gerrard Bell-Fife
    The One Place The One Place
    Haunting, intoxicating music
  44. Following The Lizard Queen
    by Langdon Alger
    Density Density
    The dog's bollocks!
  45. Nancy Likes The Police
    by Gummy Bear Shop
    A triumphant, folksy, Jello Biafra-like jem