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  1. Our Birth is but a Sleep and a Forgetting
    by It’s Not Night: It’s Space
    The Beard of Macroprosopus The Beard of Macroprosopus
    Instrumental music must be really very good for me to listen to it, and for me INN:IS is exceptional, creating a meditative and immersive experience which transcends mere music. And, too, I gravitate toward the Kabbalistic / Gnostic titles of the LPs and songs. Pull back those celestial curtains and gaze with wonder into the beyond.

    Pillars in the Void:
    BOAZ --------------------- JACHIN
  2. Bowing Not Knowing To What
    by It's Not Night: It's Space
    Blue Mountain Freedom Blue Mountain Freedom
    From beyond the veil, vibrations of the creative, a hidden Hasidic enclave practising their mystical cosmological meditations. INN:IS wrest your lost soul from the corporeal realm of the black iron cage, converting bitterness into sweetness, darkness into light.

    Or maybe you just dig the psychedelic stoner desert rock with a cold beer and/or spliff.

    Impossible to pick a favourite, you have to listen to this as a whole, there’s no weak moment to break the spell. Makes the hairs stand on end!
  3. East of the Sun & West of the Moon
    by It's Not Night: It's Space
    Soul of Each, God of All Soul of Each, God of All
    "Perhaps the great error is believing we’re alone,

    That the others have come & gone—a momentary blip—

    When all along, space might be choc-full of traffic,

    Bursting at the seams with energy we neither feel

    Nor see, flush against us, living, dying, deciding,

    Setting solid feet down on planets everywhere,

    Bowing to the great stars that command, pitching stones

    At whatever are their moons. They live wondering

    If they are the only ones..."

    - from "My God, It's Full of Stars" - Tracy K Smith
  4. Hashishian
    by Hashishian
    Let Us Reason Let Us Reason
    Carried upon an arid wind, infinite grains of sand build endless dunes stretching out far beyond the distant horizon. The unforgiving sun is relentless, a kiss from the lips of Ra that burns on… who can look upon the face of god and yet live? A sweet scented smoke drifts out from the depths of the desert, and from within the haze shadowy figures emerge… Hashishian… your deliverance from dessication. “Out here we is stoned, immaculate.” - Jim Morrison

    For fans of Sleep and OM.
  5. 2018
    by Mogwai
    We're No Here (Live) We're No Here (Live)
    Was into Mogwai from the beginning with the pivotal Ten Rapid and 4 Satin, but the last Mogwai LP I bought was Mr Beast in 2006, so plenty new to me here, and lots of catching up to do! On 2018 Live, the last 4 tracks are where I'm at, I just love all of that feedback and distortion. From my collection of their first decade, the epic 20 minute My Father My King is my all time favourite - I have no idea if their releases after 2006 have yielded anything comparable... only one way to find out!...
  6. Nailing The Coffin
    by Creeping & Stone Angels
  7. Live E.P 2015
    by Stone Angels
  8. Satanic Smoke Ceremony
    by Stone Angels
    The Weight Of Mountains The Weight Of Mountains
    Another outstanding EP from Stone Angels, and the track The Weight of Mountains in particular, possessing all of the feedback and atmospherics of the Patterns in the Ashes EP, while meditating upon depression via a perfectly selected spoken sample. This is high quality Stoner-Doom, can't believe that so few have discovered this hidden gem of a band. Worship with weed.
  9. Patterns In The Ashes
    by Stone Angels
    White Light, White Noise II White Light, White Noise II
    To look for patterns in the ashes is to perform a dark divination, & Stone Angels do so here in the darkest ritualistic way possible, unleashing upon us dark-matter of the metaphysical realm. The music is deeply anti-spiritual, the sound of subconscious nightmares, of possessed psychosis, of wandering lost through the infinite labyrinths of Lucifer’s eternally damned domain. The use of guitar feedback along with dark hymnal reverb conjure a cathedral-like edifice of atmosphere. Don't miss this!!
  10. Within The Witch
    by Stone Angels
    You manically scratch hexafoils into the walls, ceilings and floors around you, but no number of apotropaic marks are going to protect you from this dense and blackened sludge.
  11. Forest Flowing ep
    by Dark Leaves
    Forest Flowing Forest Flowing
    The EP eases in gently with an instrumental composition, dense incorporeal moon-cast shadows and a feeling of days of yore long forgotten. As well as the artists the LPs remind me of, whom I have previously mentioned, the song Fast Wears the Night also calls to mind Strangelove's 1994 debut LP Time for the Rest of Your Life, particularly the song All Because of You. If musically you are prone to wandering far from the madding crowd then you are likely to find much to love about Dark Leaves.
  12. Grey Stone In The Wood
    by Dark Leaves
    Four Winds Four Winds
    Here Patrick Aston invites the listener to enter a doorway to an otherworld, a place both dark & spiritual.

    For me the beauty of this album weighs heavy, a vigil held for lost lights, walking in the footsteps of Nick Drake & Nick Talbot, both having left this world behind (1974 at 26, & 2014 at 37 respectively). Also Michelle, a childhood acquaintance of mine, who too suffered depression & drank herself to death - she could play acoustic guitar well - wish I could share this music with her x
  13. Laid under leaf, under branches
    by Dark Leaves
    The Edge of the Light The Edge of the Light
    With ‘Laid Under Leaf’ Patrick Aston has crafted the most exquisitely acute sonic exploration of melancholia. This is breathtakingly beautiful, jewel-like portraits of nature. The dark folk style has much in common with Gravenhurst, but the tones of Dark Leaves are much warmer & all enveloping, like slowly drowning in deep warm water. A number of the songs, if you listen carefully, have echoes of 1980's era The Cure, which marries well with the folk finger-picking guitar. Absolutely captivating.
  14. Into The North
    by The Dreadnoughts
    Roll Northumbria Roll Northumbria
    If you're a salty sea-dog feeling keel-hauled by life's stormy & tumultuous ocean then these hearty shanties will put the wind back in your sails & help you navigate a course to a welcome harbour. Spirited, sometimes raunchy, sometimes non-pc, a joy close to perfection! As well as traditional songs there are new compositions which are every bit as boisterous. As with Duckpond Sailors' Spanish Ladies, my island home gets another mention, this time on Whup! Jamboree. Pour the rum & sing the songs!
    by Hippie Death Cult
    Fill The Fires Fill The Fires
    Demo quality production, but still a good listen and a worthy footnote to the ongoing HDC project. Two songs, two very different styles juxtaposed, both inimitably Hippie Death Cult.

    I could listen to Alan Watts for hours and hours!

    The other Doom Sessions volumes can be found on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.
  16. Circle Of Days
    by Hippie Death Cult
    Eye in the Sky Eye in the Sky
    2 albums in and HDC remain a perplexing enigma to me, I can't quite pin them down, which is a good thing, and I appreciate their uniqueness as it is a very rare quality theses days. At a push I would describe this as retro classic rock, ever so slightly psychedelic and, like homeopathy, has the faintest distant memory of Soundgarden/Chris Cornell, Tool, Faith No More/Mike Patton, and perhaps even early Metallica... or not! Don't listen to me, listen to the music...
  17. Awake Arise : A Winter Album
    by Lady Maisery
    The Bear Song The Bear Song
    A wonderful folk celebration of winter.

    The Bear Song is very similar to Drugstore's Wayward Daughter from 2001 (which itself would fit well alongside this album)

    "If you could see the morning light
    Coming through this winter sky
    So the mystery unfolds
    When the black turns into gold
    Look at all the crazy people
    Running in the dark against the light"
  18. One Pound
    by Swarmer
    Burrowed Burrowed
    This debut from Swarmer has the intense raw rage of punk together with the weight of metal, and wanders leftfield enough to demand my attention. The lyrical subject matter is pretty eclectic and so is always interesting. I love Courtney Blair's striking retro artwork aesthetic of monotones and duotones with coarse and unique screen rulings, greatly appealing to my reprographic days (RIP), and remind one of the classic cover art of The Smiths.
  19. Brutalist
    by Swarmer
    Stardust Stardust
    Heavier & also expressing a wider repertoire of shading than their debut, this 2nd release is immense and mature. Difficult to choose a favourite song as there are so many standouts in musical and lyrical composition - Mediocre for the sheer kicking to the head; the lyrics of Graveyard capture the essence of Salt Lake's harsh & desolate beauty; Stardust for the musical nuance and existential / metaphysical lyrics; God/Damn for the amazing 2nd half & poignant ending - the resonating bass strings!
  20. 1904
    by Moonstone
    Magma Magma
    An EP of new music from Poland's psilocybinauts, Moonstone. I pressed play and very soon was sinking into a sea which ebbs and flows between stoner and doom bliss. The tones are perfect, and varied, and the production is excellent - a rich sound, everything can be clearly heard. The drumming during the second movement of Magma is like a chilled take on Mark Greening's for Electric Wizard's Night of the Shape... nice! This EP will be getting much played.