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    by Stonerror
    Red Tank Red Tank
    The songs are so good that I keep returning to this album. Strong song writing, infectious grooves. I like that Stonerror are their own band with their own style. And that album cover is so damn cool! Grab yourself some beers and enjoy.
  2. Widow in Black
    by Stonerror
    Domesday Call Domesday Call
    Songs 1&2 are the usual fuzz-by-numbers with bright clean vocals, and Kings of the Stone Age is a bit annoying to be honest. Thankfully, the rest of the LP departs from this and has much more interesting sounds to offer. Tumbleweed nearly made my favourite song, but then I heard Domesday Call which is just a whole new level - I love its bass line, both in terms of sound and style, and everything else about the song is perfect, breaking into a spaced out jam, a high point of Stonerror.
  3. Rattlesnake Moan
    by Stonerror
    Jericho Jericho
    I really enjoyed this debut, its style being more raw loose and organic than later releases. Vocals to Jericho are visceral (will bring the walls down!), and vocals to Zombie Train bring to mind Minor Threat. The lyrics to the song Rattlesnake Moan are as Red Pill as can be, something that wise men going their own way will appreciate.
  4. Long Distance Trip
    by Samsara Blues Experiment
    For The Lost Souls For The Lost Souls
    The 1st song is mellow, trippy, reminiscent of a 60's Grateful Dead jam. 2nd song is grating, harsh fuzz. 3rd starts with a trippy intro, then 4 mins in moves into a Black Sabbath-esque stunner with great vocals. 4th is a slow burner, good. 5th is a folk acoustic style, complete with thunder, rain, and breaking waves. Last song - the first half builds to all consuming psychadelic riffage and guitars, but the second half does lose its way. Overall, this LP has a lot to offer, you will like.
  5. Whores of Tijuana
    by Whores Of Tijuana
    Don Juan Don Juan
    Stoner thrash. Yep. Imagine if James Hetfield and Josh Homme pulled their heads out of their arses (... I don't think this is possible, but anyway...) just long enough to write a killer album together, instead of the lame garbage they've been peddling for the past quarter of a century... it still wouldn't be half as good as this debut from WoT. These whores are dirty, they p*ss all over St Anger, and I love it!
  6. Psycholongevity
    by Whores of Tijuana
    Onsiya Kel Onsiya Kel
    Conspiracy of Achilles, "The X.X.X. are the xxxxxxxxxx!"... this is evident to every person on this planet... except those in the X.X.X. of course. I am having a hard time connecting with the rest of this album, though, and I don't know why as it is really good. Onsiya Kel is perhaps my favourite track, I like its lyrics.
    by CRUD (FL)
  8. Haze
    by Black Willows
    Neptune Neptune
    Stumbled upon this on YouTube. After years of disenchantment with new music, this LP made me fall in love with music again. The quality of the recording is excellent, a very well-rounded rich sound with warmth and depth, sounds like an analogue recording. This is by far their best LP, a truly transcendental experience from beginning to end.
  9. Samsara
    by Black Willows
    Sin Sin
    Haze is a superior LP; nevertheless, Samsara is a great listen, too. Sin is easily the standout track for me, along with the haunting 25 minute hymn to Lucifer, Morning Star. One of those albums I listen to in spring-summer while sat at the top of Mount Joy (a hill cemetery overlooking my town) along with a few bottles of ale.
  10. Still They Pray
    by Cough
    The Wounding Hours The Wounding Hours
    1-4 are solid Cough. There is a change of tone with Let it Bleed; the song really resonated, in a similar way to Machine Head's song The Burning Red. Shadow of the Torturer is another change of tone and style; an instrumental, the first 4 minutes is very much a stoner vibe. The Wounded Hours is the first time I have heard a Hammond Organ used in doom; it is a very natural combination. Finale with the acoustic Still They Prey. I salute Cough for having personal integrity, the results are awesome.
  11. Split with Satan's Satyrs
    by Windhand
    Windhand - Three Sisters Windhand - Three Sisters
    A couple of Windhand's better songs.
  12. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
    Windhand's most accessible album... not sure that accessibility is a good thing in the genre of doom.
  13. Cough/Windhand Split
    by Cough
    Cough - Athame Cough - Athame
    Cough is where it's at - do yourself a favour and check out their albums.
  14. Live Elsewhere
    by Windhand
  15. Soma
    by Windhand
  16. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Sparrow Sparrow
    Subjective review. I don't like the guitar sound used for the riffs, too crisp, too crunchy for my taste. I found the riffs to be uninspired, pedestrian, unmemorable. The songs would benefit from more layering of guitars, more textures - Hesperus manages this in places, eg at 6m30s-7m00s. Sparrow is a beautiful acoustic song, and its lyrics are equally beautiful. Having listened to all of their albums, Windhand, overall, are not a band for me.
  17. Ritual Abuse (Deluxe Edition)
    by Cough
    A Year In Suffering A Year In Suffering
    How can one choose a favourite track?!... every song is brilliant! There are two vocal styles used - personally I prefer that by which the words can be discerned. Plenty of atmosphere, and nihilism in spades. Love the feedback drone in the title track and, too, the feedback solo... I'm pretty sure that I have never heard another artist do that before. Quality doom. Also search out their stunning debut album Sigillum Luciferi.
  18. Black Tomb
    by Black Tomb
    Under the Pine Under the Pine
    Black Tomb's debut album is perfect doom, they nailed it first time! From the beginning with Under the Pine I was hooked by the combination of slow heavy-as-f*** grinding riffs with a lead guitar style which reminds me of Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost. Favourite moment of the album is when Swine's feedback bleeds into Mortuary Rites which in turn bleeds into Draped in Flesh... fantasitic! Under the weight of Saturn, Slowly We Die!
    by Black Tomb
    Doom is not dead!
    Doom, or be Doomed!!
  20. John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth (CSR150CD)
    by Various Artists
  21. Hail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And Dear (CSR178CD)
    by Various Artists
  22. We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold (CSR100CD)
    by Various Artists
  23. John Barleycorn Reborn: Dark Britannica (CSR84CD)
    by Various Artists
  24. The Grey Malkin
    by The Hare And The Moon
  25. Meadowsilver - Singles
    by Meadowsilver
    Fair Sapphire (single edit) Fair Sapphire (single edit)
    Love all four songs on this 'singles' collection. The 'album' on sale features different versions of these songs, plus some instrumental tracks which are not as strong, and so I can't see a reason to purchase the 'album' nor can I justify the expense of doing so.
  26. The Hare And The Moon
    by The Hare And The Moon
  27. Hermit
    by Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin
  28. Wood Witch
    by The Hare And The Moon
    The Bard Of Eve The Bard Of Eve
  29. Pilgrim
    by Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin
  30. Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening
    by Angeline Morrison and The Rowan Amber Mill
  31. Songs From The Black Meadow
    by Various Artists
  32. Ghosts (CSR96CD)
    by The Triple Tree
    Three Crowns Three Crowns
    A fascinating curio based upon the ghost fiction of English author M.R. James. In England during the 60s and 70s we had a tradition of BBC television broadcasting ghostly tales, usually authored by M.R. James, at midnight on Christmas Eve - a tradition currently undergoing a revival thanks in large part to Mark Gatiss. Also for those with an interest in Folk Horror.