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Mason Kilpatrick

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  1. Black Velvet
    by Charles Bradley
  2. Stop apologizing
    by Frankie valet
    Why blue Why blue
    I didn't think I would love this more than ACME II but wow was I wrong. I love this whole album and it definitely a favorite of 2018.
  3. The Official Body
    by Shopping
  4. Get This In Ya
    by The Chats
  5. Symptoms (W4E 040)
    by CS Luxem
    CS Luxem is easily one of my favorite artists in Lawrence area. Love supporting this music.
  6. Living Rooms
    by Twin Oaks
  7. Spencer For Higher
    by Vic Spencer & SonnyJim
  8. Ain't That Something
    by Toughies
    by MIKE
  10. Antisocialites
    by Alvvays
  11. Music For Machines
    by Sinple
  12. F NOTE
  13. Sugar at the Gate
    by TOPS
  14. BBNG2
  15. BBNG
  16. Catalina Breeze
    by The Blue Jean Committee
  17. belefonte
    by nowns
    i.o.u. i.o.u.
    Love this album. Played it on one my last college radio shows. Hope to see you live soon. Come down to Lawrence!
  18. Sugar at the Gate
    by TOPS
  19. Light Upon The Lake
    by Whitney
  20. hypernormal
    by Tommy Strauser
  21. Calm and Clear
    by Via Luna
  22. Heavy Light
    by Via Luna
  23. Wilt
    by Via Luna
  24. I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone
    by Chastity Belt
  25. Mulkey Park
    by Father Orson
    Mulkey Park Mulkey Park
  26. PZL123: Hush Machine - Hush Machine
    by Hush Machine
    So We Can Dance So We Can Dance
    Hawt ❤️❤️

    One of my favorite releases of the year.
  27. Sunrise Sleepy Eyed
    by Dubb Nubb
    Tennessee Mountains Tennessee Mountains
  28. Nardis
    by West Peaks
    Jazzman Jazzman
  29. Gone Fishin'
    by Hot Tang
  30. Who me?
    by Dire Babe
    who, me? who, me?
  31. Transition
    by BLJR
    Transition Transition
    appears in 1 other collection
  32. Acme II
    by Frankie valet
    Heart is Mine Heart is Mine
  33. Sweet Dream EP
    by Toughies
    Stone Cold Stone Cold
  34. Tough Enough
    by Toughies
    What Are Hands For? What Are Hands For?
  35. No Joy - Creep EP
    by No Joy
    Califone Califone
  36. Liquid Courage
    by Momma's Boy
    Make Believe Make Believe
  37. Holy Fuck
    by Young Indian
    Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger
  38. OKADA EP
    by rarewake
    Moth Moth
  39. Popular Songs for Wholesome Families
    by Rae Fitzgerald
  40. デモテープ
    by Pseudojoy.
  41. Greater Love
    by Miry Wild
  42. domo
    by Warm Bodies
  43. Burnin' Orange
    by Warm Bodies
    I'm Gonna Getcha! I'm Gonna Getcha!
  44. eat snot & rot
    by Warm Bodies
  45. I Was With You at the End
    by Forrester