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  1. Herne Bay, UK
  2. Electronic
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  1. Nights
    by Sully
  2. All of the Massive
    by Fracture
  3. Fracture Presents: Slow Astro, Vol. 3 & 4
    by Fracture
  4. After Life
    by Damian's Ghost
    Look at the Lights Look at the Lights
    Progression, deep sub, melody, great vocals. Bliss in one track right here.
  5. Eusebeia - Illusion of time
    by Eusebeia
  6. Off World Tales
    by Philip D Kick
  7. Omen EP
    by Eusebeia
  8. 0860
    by Fracture
  9. 0860
    by Fracture
    From what I’ve heard so far, it’s pretty safe to say this is a must buy album. Had a listen to the pre release clips on Juno and yeah every track is a banger. Don’t wait on this one peeps.
  10. Fall Then Rise EP
    by Eusebeia
  11. METH075 - Be True / Satellite Type 2
    by Commix
  12. The Trip EP
    by Settle Down
    Had a listen on SoundCloud, great EP. Western Lore bringing the heat. Can’t wait for this one…
  13. Seventh Circle Of Litness
    by Thugwidow
    A Reduction In Stress A Reduction In Stress
    I keep on changing my favourite tune because this album is littered with great tracks. It’s hard to pick a favourite because there are so many good tunes and passages of music on here. Class album. So glad I got the vinyl.
  14. Renormalization Support Group
    by Nikki Nair
  15. Seventh Circle Of Litness (LP Sampler)
    by Thugwidow
    Soul Harvest Soul Harvest
    Really nice release this. Soul Harvest is a banger of a tune. I’m really gonna have to buy the album…big thumbs up from me.
  16. Equal Rights + Justice EP (LORE008)
    by Eusebeia
  17. Drama1 - Healing EP - KMJOS11
    by Kemet Records
    Fusion - Love For The World (Drama1 2020 Retake) Fusion - Love For The World (Drama1 2020 Retake)
    This is a fine, fine remix of an absolute banger from way back in ‘94. Featured on the ‘Hardleaders 4 Into the Jungle compilation that sold bucketloads back in the day. Really nice reworking of Love for the World. 10/10.
  18. On The Dial
    by Chimpo
    Buzz Army Buzz Army
    Proper banger this one. Total headf**k.
  19. Trip II Eclipse EP (LORE003)
    by Dead Man's Chest
    Mild Mild West Mild Mild West
  20. The Sun, The Moon + The Truth
    by Eusebeia
    Vision Vision
    Amazing album and this track absolutely typifies this. The sparing use of samples, the drum patterns and the progression…Quality release on a quality label.