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  2. Electronic
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  1. Gradients
    by Astrophonica
    Whatever Whatever
    Quality first compilation album on Astrophonica. Essential vinyl. Banging track from label bosses Fracture & Neptune.
  2. Cold & Rain
    by Fracture
    On My Mind On My Mind
  3. Ancient Musical Box
    by Danny Scrilla
    Eclipse Eclipse
  4. Init 1 EP
    by Margari's Kid
    Halt Halt
  5. Transport (EP)
    by Om Unit
    Swimming Dragon Swimming Dragon
    A bit more downtempo than Om's other releases, a bit more laid back. Swimming dragon is an excellent track though, seriously good.
  6. Mutation Experts
    by Moresounds
    Ting N Tings Ting N Tings
    Moresounds and Cosmic Bridge are almost creating a new genre with their releases. A genuinely innovative label, with some of the best artists around on board. Ting N Tings is an absolute classic and a lesson to all the 'Glitch Kids' on how production should be done. An awesome EP.
  7. Jazz Error / Calavera
    by TMSV
    Jazz Error Jazz Error
    An excellent ten inch release, arrived on my doorstep eight days prior to the official release date. Both sides are superb, Jazz Error - Oh my, that flute.....Banging follow up to the Over Out EP which is also excellent. What a start to 2017
  8. Om Unit Presents Cosmology Selections (Triple Vinyl LP)
    by Cosmic Bridge Records
    Hidden Dread Hidden Dread
    Has a real 'Threads' feel. Top drawer track from an excellent album. I'm so glad these tracks got pressed to vinyl.
  9. Torchlight Vol.3
    by Om Unit
    Underground Cinema (feat Krust) Underground Cinema (feat Krust)