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  2. Punk
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  1. SOS
    by Backswing
  2. 7 inch
    by FAIM
    See you @Fluff_Fest 2019 ...
  3. Skulls
    by Coldburn
    Seen @SO36 Berlin
  4. The Prophet Feeds
    by Masakari
    Untitled Untitled
  5. Lifestyle
    by TRC
    Seen @Musik_und_Frieden Berlin ...
  6. Half Empty
    by DISAVOW
    False Promises False Promises
    Seen @Fluff_Fest 2018 ...
  7. Unrest
    by Spirits
    Seen @Fluff_Fest 2018 ...
  8. The Long Dark Blue
    by Swain
    Half Asleep / Half Awake Half Asleep / Half Awake
    Seen @Fluff_Fest 2018 ...
  9. Fallow
    by Morrow
    Crown in Red Crown in Red
    Seen at @Fluff_Fest_2018 ...
  10. Thousands Of Miles Between Us
    by Converge
    Bitter and Then Some (Live) Bitter and Then Some (Live)
    See you @Jubez Karlsruhe
  11. You Fail Me Redux
    by Converge
    Heartless Heartless
    They got me since Petitioning The Empty Sky ...
  12. s/t
    by GUST
    See you @Faust Hanover 2018-03-14 ...
  13. Unshaped Thoughts / With Eyes Unbound
    by HEDGER
    Focus Focus
    Berlin, Berlin ...
  14. Split w/ Junius
    by Rosetta
    Seen @Nexus Braunschweig 2018-05-14
  15. I Can Tell You About Pain
    by Converge
    Eve Eve
    My wretched world ...
  16. Misericordia
    by Damnation AD
    Another Day of Darkness Another Day of Darkness
    Won't forget these days ...
  17. 1984...the Year After 2016
    by Johnny Hates 45's
    Do Not Turn Off! Do Not Turn Off!
    Trumpel, Trumpel :P
  18. Empathist
    by Svffer
    Irgendwie doch anders Irgendwie doch anders
    Indeed, Irgendwie doch anders ...
  19. The Warmth Of A Dying Sun
    by Employed To Serve
    I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away) I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away)
    Seen @Effigy 2017.
  20. Not Listening
    by Chiyoda Ku
    It's Good, But You Can't Dance To It It's Good, But You Can't Dance To It
    Seen @Effigy 2017.