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  1. Country Girl Uncut
    by Boy Harsher
  2. Labyrinth
    by Doon Kanda
  3. Muutto
    by Adam Winchester
    Crane Crane
    Just super proud to get this one in my collection!
    This ep is a masterpiece!
  4. HTNltd003 - TULUU
    by Dadub / Pure
  5. Variations
    by Donato Dozzy
  6. untitled
    by kareem
  7. Rise
    by Regis
  8. Brighter Day
    by Pinch
  9. Widescreen
    by Pinch
  10. Late Night Escort w/ Soukah
    by Zygos
  11. Coven (Digital Exclusive)
    by Sibla x Zygos
  12. Carving the Soil with her Teeth (kareem Remix)
    by Catharsis
  13. Dom
    by Cuca Negra
  14. Visitor
    by SIMM
  15. Body Count
    by Maenad Veyl
  16. ABSURD
    by MXM
  17. Pessimist - Austerity EP
    by Pessimist
  18. Dead Medium #1
    by Aesthetic Meat Front
  19. Antechamber
    by Antechamber
  20. Over Depth
    by FRET
  21. Luna
    by Doon Kanda
  22. Purifying Fire
    by Lustmord
  23. C H O N
    by Senking,, PixFoil, Plaster
  24. Deathvox
    by Paula Temple
  25. LI$011
    by low income $quad
  26. Pray For Me live at Berlin Atonal 2014
    by In Aeternam Vale
  27. Sleeper x Jamakabi - Civil War 2016 (Free Download)
    by Sleeper x Jamakabi
  28. Ask Yourself Remix (Free Download)
    by Sleeper
  29. Yunclas: Violenza Proletaria
    by Yunclas
  30. Yunclas: الصراع الداخلي Conflictu Internu
    by Yunclas
  31. Yunclas_La Propaganda por el Hecho
    by Yunclas
  32. Squadra Quadra EP (The Bunker New York 015)
    by Donato Dozzy
  33. Ground Loop EP (The Bunker New York 008)
    by Atom™
  34. Street Halo
    by Burial
  35. Burial
    by Burial
  36. Compilation
    by #savefabric
  37. Pitch Black Mirror (SGLP02)
    by Orphx
  38. Gangwars / Redlining
    by Mass-X-Odus
  39. Transition Codes (SG1673)
    by UNC
  40. A Series Of Shocks
    by Tobias.
  41. A Number Of Thoughts - Sthlm LTD 039
    by Various Artists
  42. Isle of Real - Sthlm LTD LP01
    by Par Grindvik
  43. The Planets (Paul Mac Edit)
    by Par Grindvik
  44. Crows (Blawan Remix)
    by Barker & Baumecker
  45. Ammonia
    by Plovdiv