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  1. The Devil
    by Blue Stahli
  2. Hear The Rivers
    by Greenleaf
  3. Invasion EP
    by Rabbit Junk
  4. Pop That Pretty Thirty
    by Rabbit Junk
  5. Source
    by Fever The Ghost
  6. Macho Libre
    by Planet Of Zeus
  7. Rise Above The Meadow
    by Greenleaf
  8. La réunion des text addicts + Bonus
    by La Secte Phonétik
  9. Les reliques de La Secte Phonétik
    by La Secte Phonétik
    La plume et l'épée La plume et l'épée
  10. We Are Trees
    by The Last Sighs Of The Wind
  11. Stormvalley
    by Silent Island
  12. Re-quator
    by Silent Island
  13. Eclipse
    by Silent Island
  14. Fall of Oceans
    by Silent Island
  15. Equator
    by Silent Island
  16. Tales of the night forest
    by Silent Island & Black Hill
  17. BAGDAD RODEO "DEUX" - 2013
    by Bagdad Rodéo
    Dis-moi Papa Dis-moi Papa
    by Bagdad Rodéo
    Super connard Super connard
  19. Dead Rock Commandos
    by Nightstalker
    Children Of The Sun Children Of The Sun
  20. Big Tings
    by Skindred
    That's My Jam That's My Jam
  21. Passé Paranoia
    by Lord Loud
  22. The Dance of Light & Shade
    by Soul Doubt
  23. <shutdown.exe>
    by 3TEETH
  24. It All Starts From Pieces
    by Distant Dream
  25. Vultures
    by 1000mods
  26. Boredom Bedroom
    by Topophilia
  27. Neotokyo GSDF
    by Ed Harrison
    Tin Soldiers Tin Soldiers
  28. Dust In The Glare
    by Mountains
  29. Yearling
    by Whereswilder
  30. Marrow Of Sound
    by The Bad Light
    Sweet Sting Sweet Sting
  31. Promised Land
    by The Ugly Kings
  32. Darkness Is My Home
    by The Ugly Kings
  33. Of Sins - Mini Album
    by The Ugly Kings
  34. Through the Eyes of Heathens
    by Dozer
  35. BAGDAD RODEO "TROIS" - 2017
    by Bagdad Rodéo
    Love, religion and sodomie Love, religion and sodomie
  36. Trails and Passes
    by Greenleaf
  37. Jake Leg Boogie
    by Five Horse Johnson
    Magic Man Magic Man
  38. Identity
    by Ayden
  39. Sommarfågel
    by Wintergatan