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Martin van Rappard

  1. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  2. Experimental
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  1. The clap of the fading-out sound of your shoes
    by Geneva Skeen
    Touch: Displacing exclusive
  2. A Drowning
    by Robert Crouch
    Touch: Displacing exclusive
  3. Recompletion (3-1)
    by Richard Chartier
    Touch: Displacing exclusive
  4. Station Chapelle
    by Chris Watson
    Touch: Displacing exclusive
  5. Protect Yourself From Aliens, Swirlies Revisited
    by TBTCI
  6. Side Swirlies (from the 1991 Dropdead/Swirlies split tape)
    by Swirlies
  7. Intimations
    by Bana Haffar
    Touch: Displacing exclusive
  8. Wuther
    by Olivia Block
    Touch: Displacing exclusive
  9. London, UK
    Touch: Displacing
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  10. interweavings i: the colour of a perfume that will be nameless
    by R.M. Lazar
  11. Music from the film Girl on the Third Floor
    by Alison Chesley, Steve Albini, Tim Midyett
  12. 7/26/2001
    by Unwound
  13. Caterpillar
    by Unwound
  14. You Bite My Tongue
    by Unwound
  15. Kandykornritualsagainsthatingind
    by Unwound
  16. Three Lobed Recordings at 20: An Overview
    by Three Lobed Recordings
  17. Mutatis Mutandis
    by The Eternal Chord
  18. "Have You Checked the Tapes?" b/w "Blazing Sun of Youth"
  19. My Dad Is Car (Hanatarash cover)
    by Lee Ranaldo