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  1. Space Lab
    by American Astro Monkey Project
  2. HDK 106 † Vostok 1
  3. UA (220606-​1900)
    by The Ambient Fish Society
  4. Pathos
    by eric g
  5. Over the Moon
    by Big-Os
    Along with Night Sessions 2, Dark Clouds and Improvisations, this release grabbed me from the outset. Big-Os never paints Berlin School by numbers.
  6. Sequencer madness
    by Von Haulshoven
  7. decade 2012-2022
    by Cosmic Ground
  8. funny sounds in public
    by Schönwälder & Keller vs. ['ramp] & Cosmic Hoffmann
  9. AS One
    by AS
    AS One - Sequence AS One - Sequence
    What a lovely surpris!e! As a sequence junkie, my track preference clearly leans towards the latter. If you want to relax, meditate or drift off; track one is ideal. The sequencing on track 2 is divine. Even got the hairs on the neck tingling (around 20m) and there aren't many tracks that achieve that.
  10. Foreboding
    by American Astro Monkey Project
  11. The Core
    by Kubusschnitt
  12. Morphogenic Waves
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
    Bonus: MW-0111 (unedited) Bonus: MW-0111 (unedited)
    I have been a Berlin School addict for 35 years and have obviously built up a sequence-tolerance. Nice of Andy to include the unedited MW-0111 as it provides the necessary hit. Briliant
  13. Winter Solstice 2021
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
  14. Subterranean Suburbia
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
  15. Tape Operator
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
  16. Astral Expanse
    by Transponder
  17. HDK 91 † Starcity
  18. Late Night Constructions
    by The Soviet Space Dog Project
  19. Peilikäytävät
    by Radiolaari
    Brilliant, as always but over too soon. Excellent bass laden sequences and engaging slower sections
  20. Bodach and Puddles
    by Isolde & Isobelle
    Wandering Between Wandering Between
    Wow. This has got to be worth it for Wandering Between alone. What a lot of music. I love the mix of slow but engaging sections laced with punchy Berlin sequencing. Another lovely album