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  1. The North Borders Tour. - Live.
    by Bonobo
    Cirrus (Live) Cirrus (Live)
    Saw the concert version on youtube and liked it very much. I guess the live interpratation with the multitude of instruments suits this music better than the studio album. Big thumbs up to Bonobo. I adore Szjerdene´s singing on Towers. We could forever bursts with energy - so cool.
  2. Migration
    by Bonobo
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    Figures Figures
  3. Psalms
    by Arbes
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    Sun On My Back Sun On My Back
  4. Swimmer
    by Arbes
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    45 45
  5. Zoya
    by The Ills
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    She Died at 20:00 She Died at 20:00
    Great opening - the first track is very catchy in my view, with all those unusual half-tone intervals. The closing track is my favourite. In between is great music.
  6. Ornamental Or Mental
    by The Ills
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    Laugh Will Tear Us Apart Laugh Will Tear Us Apart
    Laugh will tear us apart is definitely a brilliant ending to this great album and at the sime time me personal favourite. The whole album is full of musical ideas nicely connected together in the way that the Ills have developed. I folow the band from the very beginning and I think in this album the band has enriched the ways of expressing musical concepts and ideas in the manner they established on the preceding Zoya. Personally I love the bass guitar on both albums.
  7. MTRDIG008 Delete - Neva EP
    by Mindtrick Records
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    Air Raid Waltz Air Raid Waltz
  8. Seven
    by Tapage
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    Four Of Seven Four Of Seven
  9. Splendor
    by The Ills
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    Shimmering Shimmering
  10. Lost In Taiga
    by Nocow & Hmot
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    Lost In Taiga Pt. I Lost In Taiga Pt. I
  11. Poems
    by Plastic Swans
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    Hymn Hymn