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  1. Trips and Tricks
    by Legobyte
    Trips and Tricks Trips and Tricks
    Wonderful little EP. Just very soothing, nice glitch-y sounds. Short and to the point.
  2. Closed City
    by ForstWölfin
  3. Lilith and the Garden of Eden
    by Oliva
  4. Liminal Space
    by 4T Thieves
  5. Movements
    by Solar Fields
  6. Countermagic
    by Nym
    Spectre Detectre Spectre Detectre
    Sunny, spooky, mysterious and understated in its excellence. This is a warm, lazy afternoon in the garden of a haunted house.
  7. Melding
    by Marika Takeuchi
  8. Constellations
    by Piotr Wiese
  9. Free the Witch EP
  10. Harvest
    by F.O.D.
  11. Seven Seas
    by emancipator
  12. Synesthesia
    by Outsider Traveler
  13. ONE
    by JJ Musicworks
  14. Secrets
    by JJ Musicworks
  15. Climax
    by Sygnals
    Forest Community Forest Community
    Took me a while to get into this, but found myself returning to it over and over again (especially on difficult morning). There's just something in the vibe that soothes me enormously.
  16. Internal Stories
    by Johny Pablo
  17. Elephant Echoes
    by Kaino
    Euphoria Euphoria
    Wow! Truly gorgeous jazzy, uplifting tunes. No note out of place and not a note too many, everything perfectly orchestrated. Like reading Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. Thank you!
  18. Compilation #2 (2013 - 2015)
    by Artem Yegorov
  19. Fables
    by Tom Day
  20. The Dark Songs
    by JJ Musicworks