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  1. Dark Premonitions
    by BouncyTEM
  2. Slipgate - A Quake Tribute Album
    by BouncyTEM
  3. 白戒
    by Feryquitous
    Kou-二戒- Kou-二戒-
    This is easily my favorite album from Feryquitous. They've really outdone themself this time. Every single song in this album is extremely fun to listen to, from the free flowing energy of Eaquira, to the progressive tone of Kou, all the way to the melancholy of Maquitous. Every minute is a beautiful journey through this soundscape.
  4. Sol Hemochroma OST: Piaculum Arcana
    by Sarah Mancuso
    Philosophy Philosophy
    Chillingly beautiful, it's like the music is telling you a story and you just want to hear more of it. And once it's over, you can't help but ask it to read it one more time.
  5. traditional ds-10 music
    by SVL
  6. SVL
    by SVL
    by Esselfortium
    Liminal Space Liminal Space
    Wonderful soundscape, delicious lo-fi tunes. Good stuff.
  8. Transmission Control: Music from Subserial Network
    by Esselfortium
  9. nothing perfect
    by GHOST
  10. Spider on the Wall
    by GHOST
  11. somnium
    by Blue Vertigo
  12. Perdition - A Doom 64 Tribute
    by BouncyTEM
  13. PC-98 Perfect Cherry Blossom
    by HertzDevil
  14. MEGA ZUN
    by HertzDevil
  15. Genesis Dream
    by Plasma Cutter