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  1. City Of Limits (Part 1)
    by Cybero
  2. City Of Limits (Part 2)
    by Cybero
  3. Sounds of Everything (deluxe version)
    by INSPIRA
  4. Eleven
    by 3D Stas
  5. Self Inflict (EP)
    by Circle of Dust
  6. Tracing Vacuum
    by Whitar
  7. Wir sind in Not
    by Tyler Milchmann
  8. Ofensor (Limited Edition)
    by Hocico
  9. Spæctator 2020 Collectors Edition (incl. 5 bonus songs)
    by Leaether Strip
  10. Follow The Leader
    by Primitive Race
  11. Asphyxia Remixed
    by Statiqbloom
  12. Beneath The Whelm
  13. Mechanical Perfection
    by Glitch Black
  14. Age of Machines
    by Glitch Black
    by Bestial Mouths
  16. DUSK (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Andrew Hulshult
  17. The Irregularity of Being
    by Moris Blak
  18. How Do You Feel Today?
    by Rotersand
  19. The Become Remix Album
    by Zardonic
  20. Never
    by jesu