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  1. Disincentives To Breed
    by Hobo Bastard
  2. Soft Kamikaze
    by Soft Kamikaze
  3. Flowers in my Eyes
    by Adrian Teacher and the Subs
    Why do I love this track?
    Because it re-awakened the child within me.
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. Grow Up
    by Bethlehem Steel
  5. Dinasaur from Jensen
    by Max Knouse
  6. Not Superstitious
    by Leatherface
    Leatherface are one of the true legends of independent music.
  7. EP
    by CENDE
  8. Sunflower
    by Upsahl
    Ain't no party like a Taylor Upshal party! ...Also I'm her boyfriend so I guess my opinion is biased.
    by Nanami Ozone
    Damn Yes. Damn Yes to the Hell Yes. I love this band so much I bought the album without having fully sampled it. I just know it's gonna be another little patch of heaven from these musical masterminds. Don't even need to cross my fingers. Consider my fingers uncrossed.
  10. The Suburban Homes - Conformity In The U.K b/w Television Spies OUT OF PRINT
    by The Suburban Homes
    Conformity In The U.K Conformity In The U.K
    This band is taking the music business by storm!
  11. Split
    by Oh My Snare! / Freya Wilcox & the Howl
  12. Dirt Music
    by Freya Wilcox & The Howl
  13. Bareknuckle Love
    by Freya Wilcox & The Howl
    Bury Me Bury Me
    "Bury Me" and "I Don't Care" show promise. Curious to hear what they'll come up with for a full LP's worth of material. Just saw them play. They've got a great live quality to them.
  14. Raise It High
    by Chamberlain
    If anything's gonna to get me to start playing music again, it might be this song.
  15. Honest Life
    by Courtney Marie Andrews
    How Quickly Your Heart Mends How Quickly Your Heart Mends
    Fucking insanely deep and soul-rending work from Courtney Marie Andrews. I've been a fan of her's for a good bit of time now. I dare say this might be her most shining endeavor. She comes with it, twangy commitment and all, and it pays the listener off exponentially with each subsequent consumption. In the words of a much more frivolous figure of the American rooted style, "She's COUNTRAAAAAY!!"
    ...One of my favorite records of last year. Worth revisiting on a regular basis.
  16. Leuven Letters
    by Courtney Marie Andrews
  17. Spare Parts E.P.
    by Youth Avoiders
    I've got their t-shirt. So know. It doesn't get anymore real than that.
  18. Desire
    by Nanami Ozone
    Right By Your Side Right By Your Side
    Might be the best of the batch in this humble desert valley.
  19. Second Home
    by Dogbreth
    Hoarder House Hoarder House
    Don't f--k with these people. Do not cross them. You'll be sorry. I know I was.
  20. Long Summer EP
    by Cheap Hotels
    I Need Some Sleep I Need Some Sleep
    Uhh... yeah.