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  1. Colour the Mind
    by Paul Ellis
  2. Music For The Space Between Atoms [CYD 0081]
    by Paul Ellis
  3. With The Music (Album)
    by Matt Johnson
    The Return The Return
    I found Matt on YT with his keyboards very well made reviews, then I heard he was in Jamiroquai that I always liked. So it was the next step listening to his original jazz-funk music with a slice of electronics. Best made, with subtle flavours
  4. Place In My Heart
    by Matt Johnson
    Matt at his best with some vocal moods, Try it, there are some hidden dephts to feel
  5. Eliott
    by Michel Sanchez
    Lima Lima
    Following Deep Forest for a while, I loved Michel Sanchez first album I guess called Windows in 1994, his next Hieroglyphes was more difficult for me. This work puts me back to more classic Deep Forest style, the chanting being the most close parts, has the Ethnic world electronic arrangements. Finally my favourites are instrumentals. Very worth it !
  6. Return To The Dreamtime
    by Steve Roach
    It was always an essential work that made me discover Steve Roach, so I was curious about this following, that gives you great moods worth digging in, put you back to the dreamtime return. Arboriginial mysteries, with grandiose soundscapes.
  7. SynthR3 The Burning School Tape
    by Kurtz Mindfields aka Jean-luc Briançon
    by Kurtz Mindfields
    A well made tribute to Klaus Schulze of course, with that miragesque cover, imaginative, Kurtz can also go into Jazz, but here he goes to some faithful Berlin School hommage. Listen!
  9. Electronicazz, volume 1
    by Kurtz Mindfields aka jean-luc Briançon
  10. Acumulados
    by Lucas Tripaldi & Toni Jimenez
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Hábitos
    by Lucas Tripaldi & Toni Jimenez
  12. Carcomiendo
    by Lucas Tripaldi & Toni Jimenez
  13. Instructions for building an orange [CYD 0041]
    by Pabellón Sintético
    Excellent found electronic music in his early expermimental styles, full of surprises. If you like Berlin School goodness, this gem from south America is for you
  14. Glittering Inner Space
    by Taide'n Borg
    (That's How) You Take Me Higher (That's How) You Take Me Higher
    I was usually listening to complete instrumentals electronica tracks, remembering having founds very nice videos on YT from Taide'n borg for a while. Happy to have found them back here, with different styles and edges, to early space funk and other deep sound grooves. I feel something sounds beyond average computer works you can listen to, very organic and handmade as some smooth jazz moods. all this can be felt here. Very worth it!
  15. Moth in Flames
    by Paul Ellis
  16. Pulse Width [CYD 0052]
    by Paul Ellis
  17. OCEANICA [CYD 0034]
    by Sophos
  18. Lacandona [CYD 0049]
    by Lucas Tripaldi
  19. Polaris
    by Arcane
  20. The Unnamed Trilogy, Vol. 1
    by Wally Badarou
    Grand producer for Level 42. and more. Everything you could liked from Wally before "Echoes"Words from a mountain"Chief inspector", you will find here. Again, fine material with a bit of a light dance feel