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  1. Faszination Glied
    by Knöppel
  2. Leitkultur
    by COR
  3. Jung & Aussichtslos
    by Los Dickos
  4. Lights Down
    by In Evil Hour
    Don't Wake Up Don't Wake Up
    A true beauty of anger and passion that album is! Love the tight fast forward sound of the band, and what can I say about Alice: what a fantastic voice! Singing, shouting, screaming, no matter what kinda sound comes out of that skinny lady, it's just astounding! And in addition, they're a kick ass live band! So don't just buy the album, make sure you go to their concerts whenever you can!
  5. Warte du doch
    by uPoP
  6. Tribute To Motörhead
    by Bitch Queens, The Hip Priests, King Mastino, The Chuck Norris Experiment
  7. Hey Wichsers
    by Knöppel
  8. fluctine
    by hello my name is
  9. ce stupide costume d'être humain (démo)
    by hello my name is
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  10. Tribute To Alice Cooper
    by Bitch Queens, The Hip Priests, The Chuck Norris Experiment, King Mastino
  11. Pale Eyes
    by Veil Of Light
  12. Head / Blood / Chest
    by Veil Of Light
  13. Cold Skin
    by Veil Of Light
  14. Veil Of Light
    by Veil Of Light
  15. Talisman
    by Veil Of Light
  16. Ξ
    by Veil Of Light
    If The Cures' "Pornography" would have had sexual intercourse with Joy Divisions' "Unknown Pleasures" in a dark and rainy night on a cliff in cornwall in 1983, the child that would have been born in a foggy sinister backalley of Birmingham would have been Veil of Light!
  17. Built On Our Backs
    by In Evil Hour
  18. Tape Split /w Random Blackouts
    by Call the Cops
  19. Tape Split /w Random Blackouts
    by Call the Cops
  20. Präsentiert Lösungen - 12`` Split with TRENT
    by tantetimbuktu