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  1. Spielt Eigen Kompositionen
    by Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru
  2. BORSIGWERKE - The Complete Recordings of Alexander von Borsig
    by Alexander Hacke
  3. M_Sessions Remixed
    by Monika Werkstatt
  4. Guitar Tapes Vol 1
    by Dave Heumann
  5. The Wilderness Road (Original Soundtrack)
    by Dave Heumann
  6. Abba Gargando
    by Abba Gargando
  7. Blind Owl Wilson
    by Blind Owl Wilson
  8. Rocket 808
    by Rocket 808
  9. Wallahi Le Zein!
    by Various Artists
  10. Inner Garden
    by Travis Laplante, Yarn/Wire
  11. V/A-4 Stars ****
    by V/A-Four Stars ****
  12. 1 2 3
    by pole
  13. Afelan
    by Mdou Moctar
  14. I Had To Keep My Circle Small (alternate version)
    by Brigid Mae Power
  15. Radio For Heartache
    by Laura Cantrell
  16. Yugen Disciple - Luxury Flat - YO3TH
    by YOUTH
  17. Benefit Track -"Irons Out"
    by 75 DOLLAR BILL
  18. Sing a Song of Memory
    by Sarah Louise
  19. Letter Sung to Friends (feat. Nathan Salsburg)
    by Bill Callahan & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
  20. Buck Curran: WFMU 'The Frow Show' Live Session (Feat. Jodi Pedrali)
    by Obsolete Recordings
    I love hearing moments of spontaneity, where two musicians are fully listening to each other and leading each other into the unknown. These songs have that in spades.