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  1. False Lankum
    by Lankum
  2. Blackbraid II
    by Blackbraid
  3. Season of Mist 2023 compilation
    by Season of Mist Compilations
  4. Alföld
    by Thy Catafalque
  5. Non Serviam [2022 Reissue]
    by Rotting Christ
  6. Windhand (Deluxe Edition)
    by Windhand
  7. etazhi (2018)
    by Molchat Doma
  8. Innate Passage
    by Elder
  9. The New Breed
    by Jeff Parker
  10. In These Times
    by Makaya McCraven
  11. Vast Reaches Unclaimed
    by Majesties
  12. All That Was Promised
    by Hath
  13. The Pacification Of Death
    by JADE
  14. Dreamkiller
    by Sumerlands
  15. Deep Politics
    by Grails
  16. Blackbraid I
    by Blackbraid
    There is something truly captivating about this albums ability to effortlessly weave ferocious black metal with passages of indigenous instrumentation. Sgah’gahsowáh takes you to the mouth of the mighty Sacandaga, deep into the ancient Adirondack forest, and also let’s you just throw up the horns and rage. Excited to hear much more from Blackbraid.
  17. Where the Shadows Adorn
    by Mother of Graves
    Where the Shadows Adorn sounds like it was recorded in a crypt. But like, a really nice crypt. It’s so melodic and monstrous and mournful, I can’t get enough. The fact that Dan Swanö mastered this is just icing on the cake.
  18. Hostile Architecture
    by Ashenspire
    I keep revisiting this album, especially as the sun sets when I walk around the city. On every street tents and makeshift shelters are popping up, yet just as quickly identical blocks of cheaply made and overpriced apartments seemingly appear out of nowhere. With Hostile Architecture, Ashenspire conveys that anger and, ultimately, that despair that we are all feeling as we enter this void of late-stage capitalism. A truly great album.
  19. Mirage
    by GAEREA
    Although it starts with a ghostly voice telling us the sea is calm tonight, Mirage quickly transforms into a black metal maelstrom full of blistering rain and crashing waves. So focused yet so chaotic, so bleak yet so melodic. A stellar album.
  20. Curse These Metal Hands
    by Pijn and Conjurer