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  1. My Temple (name-your-price)
    by jarguna
  2. The Disciple's Path
    by Mark Seelig
  3. Autumn Of Communion
    by Autumn Of Communion
  4. Ambient Online Themed Compilation 11: Mars
    by Ambient Online
  5. Popkissed - Silent Week
    by Robert Solheim
  6. Waveforms
    by Craig Padilla and Skip Murphy
  7. Spectroscopic (DiNDDL18)
    by Ian Boddy
  8. Annexe-Cottage Industries 2
    by Various
  9. Continental Drift
    by Off Land & Specta Ciera
  10. Hemispherica Portalis (Portal Of 1000 Years)
    by Desensitized
  11. Jar
    by KMRU
  12. tʌntrə VI
    by Neotantra
  13. tʌntrə VIII
    by Neotantra
  14. tʌntrə X
    by Neotantra
  15. Tone Science Module No.3 Cosines and Tangents (DiN:TS03)
    by Various
  16. Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles (DiN:TS02)
    by Various
  17. Tone Science Module No.1 Structure and Forces (DiN:TS01)
    by Various
  18. Tone Science Module No.4 Form and Function (DiN:TS04)
    by Various
  19. Gimsøy, Lofoten EP2
    by Mind over MIDI
  20. Elektrical Aktivity
    by Mind over MIDI