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  1. Die Wurzel
    by Neak
  2. Marlowe 3
    by Marlowe
    Hold The Crown Hold The Crown
    Brilliant rapping and production, Marlowe 3, feels and sounds like an extension of their two previous albums, constant progression and chemistry as a duo, Marlowe 2 was my favorite till now, Marlowe 3 is incredible, song to song, the consistency doesn't drop,"Lamelo" is some of Solemn's best bars yet but the whole album goes, hearing Blu on an L'Orange beat again, was great too, if this aint in your top 10 of 2022 i dont know what to say to you, these the artists we gotta keep supporting.
  3. Back To Mecca II
    by Recognize Ali
    What You Need (Prod By Anu El) Cuts By Tone Spliff What You Need (Prod By Anu El) Cuts By Tone Spliff
    Since I heard Recognize Ali back in 2016, I have being able to count on him for consistence and adrenaline fueled Hip-Hop, "Back To Mecca II" is more of that rawness, with some amazing scratches and samples, Ali's wordplay comes natural in a commanding way, "Rec Is The Illest" "Rec Wuz Here" have a catchy and anthemic touch, "Moonwalking" is a straight 90's esque banger, need that Ali and Sibbs Roc collab album. "What You Need" also has a 90's feel, its Boom Bap and eerie, with great drums.
  4. Bona Fide
    by Michael Leonhart & JSWISS
  5. #jazzhop
    by J Rawls
  6. Zhigeist
    by Elzhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow
    King Shit (Say Word) King Shit (Say Word)
    Confident but Sophisticated traditional Hip-Hop from Elzhi, beautiful link up with the talented Georgia Anne Muldrow, The production on here is warm and soulful, Elzhi can grip the listener speaking on lifes highs and lows but he also is confident and funny at times too, "We came to record the stand-out album of the year for the listeners, For those cooking up the dish like it's Siddish for us, It's going to get ate up, how it's meant to be, I mentally disturbed the entity that's sent to me.."
  7. Cost of Living
    by Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene
    Day On The Ave Day On The Ave
    If I had to compare this album to any in Apollo Brown's list of albums, it would be "Dice Game" , the production here is super soulful, bleak and emotional at times, Philmore Greene is so genuine lyrically on here, here he is honest, detailed, Pessimistic at times, when it comes to speaking on his surroundings and upbringing, their is a strength you carry through experience, this album is much needed, an artist translating his true soul into the Art.
  8. Beaut-i-full World b/w Fresh Gold Bloom-Age
    by SO.Crates
  9. Back To The Junkyard
    by Planet Ragtime
  10. Idealism
    by Bugseed
  11. Acres of Diamonds
    by ILL Conscious x Mute Won
  12. Jazz Cats
    by Gas-Lab
  13. Remember a Stranger
    by motifs
  14. Infinite Wisdom
    by Awon & SOUL.DOPE.95
    Stolen Peace Stolen Peace
    This was a cool collaboration, Powerful and educational themes, from a humble and knowledgeable place lyrically, I have always appreciated Awon's ability to speak from a personal/ Life experience in his Music, this album you have to listen more closely, it grows on you with more listens, "Sophisticated Information" is excellent too, Soul Dope 95 did his thing too, nice crisp approachable drums and tasteful keys on this thing, "
    Have You Guessin" beat a highlight for me from the producer.
  15. Harbor Kidz
    by Harbor Kidz
  16. Mother In Peace
    by 2033 (Chinch 33 & Venomous2000)
    Dust To Dust Dust To Dust
    More People should be supporting this album, it's that traditional Hip-Hop sound, the production is excellent, love the scratching and the samples used are like a tour de force taking you way back to the old school, everything just sounds and feels right, when you listen to this album, top 20 album of 2022 without a doubt for me,
  17. Carefully Crafted
    by Eleven And Jason D
    The Combo The Combo
    You both definitely have something, 2nd full album I've purchased from this duo and I want more,,Love the traditional production and that the producer keeps the art of scratching alive on the records, the MC Eleven has a technical flow, the songs have a natural flair to them, like you are in the audience and they are bringing it to you Live and direct, People gotta support these guys cause I want more Music every year at least from them.
  18. Black graffiti
    by Unruly
  19. Al Dunya (Side A)
    Wildfire prod by Seldom Saw cuts by DJ Presyce Wildfire prod by Seldom Saw cuts by DJ Presyce
    This albums crazy, Indigo Phoenyx raps with such a cool mystique, confidence and determination, A commanding delivery despite being smooth with it on the mic, you feel that mic presence due to the boss and buoyant lyricism, the guests on here do their thing and the beats bang, it's Raw Boom Bap, It's Hip-Hop, just buy it!
  20. Listen to the Masters
    by Ghettosocks x DK