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  1. Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos
    by Yppah
  3. Mordechai
    by Khruangbin
  4. O.B.C
    by Enochian Crescent/True Black Dawn/O
    The God Is All The God Is All
    Finnish insanity at its finest.
  5. Kaikuja
    by ASHTAR
    Between Furious Clouds Between Furious Clouds
    Two people, yet such heft.

    BRB, gotta headbang!
  6. Éons
    To The Sun: EÔS - Avènement de l’Éon Evaísthitozoïque Probocène Flamboyant To The Sun: EÔS - Avènement de l’Éon Evaísthitozoïque Probocène Flamboyant
    What an epic achievement. Beautiful, deep growling saxophones, droning vocals, weird noises: a journey into the cosmos of the spirit.

    Also, truly beautiful artwork. If this is a debut album, I must have been doing something wrong all these years.
  7. Stygian Bough Volume I
    Heaven Torn Low II (the toll) Heaven Torn Low II (the toll)
  8. split w. Almyrkvi
    by The Ruins Of Beverast
  9. Slow Motion Death Sequence
    by MANES
    Building The Ship Of Theseus Building The Ship Of Theseus
    One has to love an album with a track called “Building the ship of Theseus”.

    I’m loving the Bowie-vibes, the flamboyant drama, and the looking glass placed over society’s rotten core. In doing so, Manes are exposing the problems of our times that lie not in the external but rather with the internal individual’s functioning.

    With deceiving simplicity —in true Manes fashion— the opening track lays bare the fundamental question of our times: “Who Am I?”
  10. You Won't Get What You Want
    by Daughters
    The Reason They Hate Me The Reason They Hate Me
    Fantastic music, on the bleeding edge. Beautiful, scary, rough, smooth, scaly and furry all at the same time.
    Colosseum Colosseum
    Blackened death metal, played tight and loud.

    Mmm... Delicious.
  12. Totalitarian Industrial Oppression
    by N.K.V.D
    Die blinde Wissenschaft Die blinde Wissenschaft
    This shit scares the hell out of me. Not because of the music, but because of the understanding and scary totalitarian, dehumanizing overlap across all these societies.

    This album makes you feel uncomfortable not because it wants to scare you like a fairytale monster, but because it’s showing you the very real, unavoidable world. A world in which totalitarianism runs rampant: Genocide, murder, oppression, slavery, violence, dehumanization, lofty ideologies, the ever-present “Greater Good”.
  13. Hakmarrja
    by N.K.V.D
    Za Krajla Za Krajla
    Faceless totalitarianism. Is there any other kind?

    No matter the color of your arm band, they all end up char-black.
  14. Stillstand und Heimkehr
    by Eïs
    Stillstand und Heimkehr Stillstand und Heimkehr
    Awesome band. High five!
  15. The Thundering Heard
    by Eagle Twin
    Elk Wolfv Hymn Elk Wolfv Hymn
    Eagle Twin fucking rules!
  16. Riffs for Reproductive Justice
    by Black Flags Over Brooklyn
    Woe - "A Violent Dread" Woe - "A Violent Dread"
    Do not let some fuckwit government take away your freedoms.

    And in these times of pandemic, watch out even more. If a fuckwit government start talking about human sacrifices for the greater good. It doesn’t matter if that is god or the market. We all know what such talk leads to... Let’s not do that again.

    Fuck collectivism.
  17. Unlock The Shrine
    by The Ruins Of Beverast (Ván Records)
  18. Rain Upon The Impure
    by The Ruins Of Beverast (Ván Records)
  19. Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
    by The Ruins Of Beverast (Ván Records)
  20. Enchanted By Gravemould
    by The Ruins Of Beverast (Ván Records)