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  1. Hypersynchron
    by Dadub
    Focus From The Outrage Ep2 Focus From The Outrage Ep2
    a meticulously crafted piece of sound engineering. the production values are amazing & the attention to detail placed on the sound levels of every track means your speakers will thank you & your ears will pick up on every detail. the dub elements serve both as a knowing nod & a personal touch on behalf of the artists as they probe the frontiers of new sounds. I can't recommend the .wav download enough for those looking for a truly immersive experience. It's really hard to pick a favourite.
  2. Zoom
    by Cucina Povera
    ZOOM0003 ZOOM0003
    With impoverished cuisine, you make do with the little you have, to make sure the people are fed. Like her namesake, Cucina Povera's music is simple and resourceful, yet leaves me feeling satisfied and nourished. Zoom is a frugal meal made with nothing but the singer's soft and haunting vocals accompanied by sparse, electronic arrangements; but it has been made with much care and love.
  3. Music for Screen Tests
    by Leif
    a very cinematic feel, which is not surprising given the source of inspiration. Highly recommend to lovers of film scores and movie soundtracks.
  4. Love of Life
    by SWANS
    The Other Side of the World The Other Side of the World
    A highly underrated album (from what I can gather, by both the fans and the band itself). Swans' early career was marked by a strong reaction against the current music trends, and against music in general, yet in Love of Life, I find an effortless post-punk sound.
  5. The Seer
    by SWANS
    Avatar Avatar
    A masterpiece! A must have album for any serious collection. Favourite track: all of them! But I'm gonna send a little love Avatar's way. xoxo
  6. ACCENTEP002- R/no - Mirrors EP
    by R/no
  7. ACCENTEP001- E110, Reduction EP
    by E110
  8. ACCENTEP003- Y/6543/ Scanning EP
    by Y/6543/
  9. Vert
    by Qualia
    Cogito Ergo Sum Cogito Ergo Sum
  10. Tones Of Void
    by Pheek
  11. Glome / Fluxon
    by Lingua Lustra
  12. Rhine
    by Tom Ellard
    Rhine Rhine
    Firstly I would like to say I do not have a favourite track. This is a balanced and polished release and as such does not see any track dominating any of the others. Respite is offered from the pop sensibility at timely moments. A synergistic collection to be enjoyed completely..
  13. The Complete Barbara Islands 2006 - 2018
    by Tom Ellard
  14. PO - Velvet ( Voidloss Torn and betrayed mix )
    by PO, Voidloss, Aphonico, H. Paul
  15. Rotund For Success
    by Severed Heads
  16. Return to Barbara Island (2010)
    by Tom Ellard
  17. Stretcher
    by Severed Heads
  18. Bad Mood Guy
    by Severed Heads
    Heaven is What Heaven Eats Heaven is What Heaven Eats
    I'm going to tell my grandchildren this was the soundtrack to the Honeymooners.
  19. EE Compilation