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  1. lost.
    by BØJET
  2. The Gentle Hits
    Hospital Bed Hospital Bed
    On the whole it feels more like a solo album, which is an unexpected but delicious treat (perhaps it exists much more for Ian Metzger's sake than it does for the rest of the group's). The DATH influence is clearly there, but Ian’s growth as a musician in whatever direction he chose is even clearer in the music. 6 out of 5 shiny freakin' gold stars.

    Small Minute Given Up is another favorite.
  3. The Incredible and Death Defying Expedition to Planet X
    by Dear Other
  4. Anatomic
    by Opus Orange
  5. Kicking Every Day
    by all dogs
  6. The Exitus and Reditus of Andrew Darkstar Parrish
    by Dear Other
    The Shadow Cast The Shadow Cast
    The most cohesive work I've heard in a long motherfreaking time. It makes me weep for Steubenville, OH. Poetic, unique, digestible, thought-provoking GOLD.

  7. Outside In
    by Opus Orange
    Diving Bell Diving Bell
    Love the story behind how this was recorded, even if for nothing but a cool experience. If I HAD to hike to music... this would be it. Hard to pick between 'Out of the Shadows,' 'The Next World,' and 'Diving Bell.' I know... that's half of it. The other half is also amazing.
  8. Tog Pebbles
    by Way Yes
    Get Healed Get Healed
    Get Healed is literally my favorite song ever written. This album triggers some incredibly vivid memories for me. Has to be in my top 5 albums ever made.
  9. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
    Family And Genus Family And Genus
    Leaning more towards his live setup in many ways while at the same time expanding the sound. Killer harmonies. Well done.
  10. Wheels (Black Album)
    by Wheels
    Gold/Black Gold/Black
    Stunned by their talent. Hope they come back soon.
  11. Live in Holland
    by Peter Doran
    Do What I Do Do What I Do
    Hell of an opening track. The phrasing of the words in that chorus; just fantastic. I've also come to realize that Julias will have that effect on a man...
  12. Alternate Worlds
    by Son Lux
    Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde
    The first two tracks are GOLD.
  13. Moon
    by Peter Doran
    Love the moon. Love this track.
  14. Pillowhugger
    by Comfy
    Bed of 1000 Blankets Bed of 1000 Blankets
    Exactly what the genre needs. Raw & honest.
  15. The Cathedral
    by Meridian
    Ten Extra Seconds Ten Extra Seconds
    Sounds a lot like Jimmy Eat World to me. The good kind.
  16. Young Heirlooms
    by Young Heirlooms
    Traveling Band Traveling Band
    Great musicians; great friends. Can't wait to see more from them.
  17. Herringbone
    by Way Yes
  18. Walkability
    by Way Yes
  19. Oranjudio
    by Way Yes