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Mark Gribby

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  1. Shadow On Everything
    by Bambara
  2. Plasma Splice Trifle
    by Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra
  3. No Pop
    by Odonis Odonis
  4. The KVB EP (CS)
    by The KVB
  5. Sonora Remix
    by Vuelveteloca
    L​.​A. (Al Lover Remix)
  6. Diagram Girl (Shock Machine Rework)
    by Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
  8. Serfs Up!
    by Fat White Family
  9. And We Are Passing Through Silently
    by Abul Mogard
  10. Rymixes
    by Sobrenadar
  11. Are You Trending? (Hunter/Game Remix)
    by Vessels
  12. Bonnacons of Doom
    by Bonnacons of Doom
    Argenta Argenta
  13. Veil of Counsel
    by Public Memory
  14. Demolition
    by Public Memory
  15. The Sky Was Pink
    by Vessels
  16. Dilate (Special Edition)
    by Vessels
  17. The Great Distraction
    by Vessels
  18. Fog / Shrine
    by Flame 1
  19. All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated EP
    by Ben Frost
  20. World Eater Re-Voxed
    by Blanck Mass
    Minnesota (M. Lamar Remix) Minnesota (M. Lamar Remix)
  21. Slide Beneath the City
    by Prizes Roses Rosa (p rosa) (panda rosa)
  22. Hidden (Old Apparatus Remix)
    by These Hidden Hands
  23. Angkor (Death In Vegas Remix)
    by These Hidden Hands
  24. Hiss Spun
    The Culling The Culling
  25. Wide Open (LP)
    by Weaves
    Slicked Slicked
  26. Slouching Towards Bethlehem
    by Supersize me
  27. Sparkle Night
    by Seirom
  28. Flat Worms - Red Hot Sand debut EP
    by Flat Worms
  30. Candy Eyes
    by Crosa Rosa
    Baya Baya
    Go see them live...and let the havoc commense...
  31. Altar
    by SUNN O))) & BORIS
  32. Still Life (Blanck Mass Remix)
    by Various Artists
  33. I Was So Sad
    by SEIROM
  34. Frost / Prism 7"
    by Cellar Doors
  35. Pantophobia
    by Crosa Rosa
    Pickalily Pickalily
    Bit biased as they're local to me, but if you like The Wytches on Heavenly Records then you should like these.
  36. Initiation
    by ERAAS
    Initiation Initiation
    Like their debut... its brooding but has a lighter hopeful aura about it. Trip hop beats are great and the various samples and recordings add an extra dimension of interest.
    If the debut was a pitch black night this would be a moonlit cloudy night.
  37. ERAAS
    by ERAAS
    Briar Path Briar Path
    Easily in my Top 5 for 2012.
    Best album i've ever found on Bandcamp.
    Brooding and beautifully dark. Check out his earlier incarnation APSE.
  38. '1973'
    by SEIROM
    Found via The Haxan Cloak..... This album is a euphoric, dark soul within the genre. like a heavier version of Team Ghost or M83 after being ripped apart by demons and then stitched back together with guitar strings.
  39. A Thousand Hands
    by Sextile
  40. and the light swallowed everything
    by SEIROM
  41. Tinnitus Ætérnum
    by Les Big Byrd
    A great psychadelic freakout
  42. Pyramids Remixes
    by Pyramids
    The Echo of Something Lovely (Jesu remix) The Echo of Something Lovely (Jesu remix)
    i enjoyed the Pyramids with Nadja album so bought this for the 3 or 4 tracks i like.
  43. Strandheem '92 - free
    by SEIROM
  44. Mesmerized EP
    by Seirom
    Mesmerized Mesmerized
  45. Aria 51 E.P.
    by Flowers Of Hell