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  1. Wednesday
    by falls
    dead dead
    so much energy + so damn fun
  2. Some Kind of Cadwallader
    by Algernon Cadwallader
    Serial Killer Status Serial Killer Status
    these guys were the greatest. the freeeeeaaaaakin' greatest. Every song has great hooks + great guitar work and it's exactly what emo/math rock should be
  3. Acoustics EP 2
    by yvette young
    a Map a String a Light pt 2 a Map a String a Light pt 2
    yvette young does an acoustic album. that's all you need to know. beautiful
  4. Greatest Hits
    by Remo Drive
    Art School Art School
  5. I'll Lose Interest In This
    by Coffee Breath
    Daydream Daydream
  6. We Go Way Back
    by I Love Your Lifestyle
    My Yard My Yard
  7. Left and Leaving
    by The Weakerthans
    This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open
  8. One Night Alive
    by Yr Poetry
    it's all there it's all there
  9. Sick Scenes
    by Los Campesinos!
    A Slow, Slow Death A Slow, Slow Death
    This band ages like a fine wine. They're more mature now than ever yet they've never lost that kick, that snarl, that passion. An amazingly subdued, dense, and immaculate album
  10. Joy, Departed
    by Sorority Noise
    Using Using
  11. The Bend
    by Fish Tank
    The Bend The Bend
    Fish Tank were one of the all-time greats in math pop. This song demonstrates why. Fun as hell verses, earth shatteringly good chorus, devastating break down
  12. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
    Go Home Go Home
    One of the most rare, fragile and beautiful albums I've ever listened to. A beautiful intimacy and emotion is perfectly conveyed with great guitar work and stunning vocals. A perfect album