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Mark Caro

  1. Tampa, Florida
  2. Electronic
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  1. Rhine
    by Tom Ellard
    Fingers Fingers
    This is the smoothest track on a very smooth sounding album. Well done!
    by Tillinghast Laboratories
    Techno-arcana at its finest. Again a very solid release.
  3. Beautiful Arabic Surface / Cheerio Inner Moon
    by Severed Heads
    Beautiful Arabic Surface Beautiful Arabic Surface
    Honestly love both tracks, and to pick favorites is like picking a favorite one of your own children. That being said, I like the old hissing crackle of vinyl that can be heard in Beautiful Arabic Surface because it takes me back to some very ancient and fond memories of my long ago childhood.
  4. Titan Blur
    by AKLO
    Mi-go Surgery Mi-go Surgery
    THE only music I can associate with the works of Lovecraft. Marvelously dreamlike and twisted. Frankly all the tracks are my favorite, but Mi-go Surgery is, to my mind, like stumbling into an unwritten work by Lovecraft, a rare piece of musical narative.
  5. Under the Iron Sky
    by Kaiti Kink Ensemble
    Let Me Into Your Mind Let Me Into Your Mind
    Let the music into your mind, your in for one hell of a trip.
  6. Since The Accident
    by Severed Heads
    A Million Angels A Million Angels
    Like the title of track says, A Million Angels doth sing.