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  1. Finding My Way Home
    by Yazz Ahmed
    Wah-Wah Sowahwah Wah-Wah Sowahwah
  2. ARCS
    by Daniel Ruane
    Witch Witch
  3. Kodama (Luxus)
    by Alcest
    Eclosion Eclosion
    Shoegazing for a fraction of a second, when your head is banging down.
  4. You're welcome
    by Watchdog
    by Anne Quillier 6tet
    LE RETOUR DES SUPERHÉROS (toujours injustement méconnus) LE RETOUR DES SUPERHÉROS (toujours injustement méconnus)
  6. The Itch
    by Benjamin Herman
    M.M. M.M.
  7. Lockdown (Radio Edit)
    by Giovanca
  8. A Celebration of Guilt
    by Arsis
    Maddening Disdain Maddening Disdain
    Melodic metal in the Carcass and Arch Enemy vein. The drummer is a good, hardworking man with restless feet syndrome. And song nr. 2 is earcandy. I just keep playing it until I'm sick.
  9. Every Second In Between
    by Lili Anel
    Won't You Stay Won't You Stay
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  10. Pain Necessary to Know
    by Ephel Duath
    New Disorder New Disorder
    This album has a more coherent style than the previous album. somewhere between Primus' funk-rock and Voivod's oddball metal.
  11. The Painter's Palette
    by Ephel Duath
    The Passage (Pearl Grey) The Passage (Pearl Grey)
    Progressive metal that also has it's foot tapping finger snapping moments. Most of 'em are killed immediately. Jazz influenced.
  12. Through My Dog's Eyes
    by Ephel Duath
    Promenade Promenade
  13. We Never Left Town
    by Marzio Scholten
    Heartland Heartland
    Insanely laidback Americana.
  14. Laughing At Life
    by Duchess
    Everybody Loves My Baby (Feat. Anat Cohen) Everybody Loves My Baby (Feat. Anat Cohen)
    As sung by these modern day Andrews Sisters: lose all your blues.
  15. View Partially Obstructed
    by Ryan Lott
    shudder and whisper shudder and whisper
    Beautiful, atmospheric minimal music.
  16. The Lesser God
    by Dumal
    Fane of the Clandestine Fane of the Clandestine
    The dude with the horns on the sleeve says it all: Melodic old school metal with puking grunts. If you liked the first Arch Enemy albums, you are going to like this one.
  17. Obraz LP
    by Belgrado
    Dalej Dalej
    The sound and mood of Joy Division. SAD.
  18. Kalahysteri
    by Kalahysteri
    River River
    Love it. Country and Bluegrass with a punk attitude and an Italian accent.
  19. 5 movements
    by Hauschka
    Shy Shy
    Beautiful pop melodies with classical attention to detail.
  20. Screws Reworked
    by Nils Frahm
    Re (Helios Rework) Re (Helios Rework)
  21. Solo Remains
    by Nils Frahm
    Him Him
  22. Donuts
    by J Dilla
    Workinonit Workinonit
  23. Serious Outtakes
    by Knalpot
    AV 2 AV 2
  24. Pessimiste(s)
    by Celeste
    Car quoi qu'il advienne, tout est a chier Car quoi qu'il advienne, tout est a chier
    A punk/hardcore take on black metal.
  25. arrhythmia
    by Daniel Ruane
    Antigen Antigen
  26. Diatribes
    by Napalm Death
    Ripe for the Breaking Ripe for the Breaking
    Neck callisthenics from way before black yoga. I like how traditional metal riffs blend into soundscapes.
  27. Alegria Da Casa
    by Anat Cohen
    Valsa Para Alice Valsa Para Alice
  28. Punch
    by Elliot Galvin Trio
    Lions Lions
    Weird. Energetic. Fun. "Difficult" jazz cut down to short, structured Ramones-like rampages.
  29. Reinier Baas vs. Princess Discombobulatrix
    by Reinier Baas
    The Dance of Princess Discombobulatrix / The Wizard's Awakening The Dance of Princess Discombobulatrix / The Wizard's Awakening
    Jazz made in the full realisation that untalented nitwits like me have to listen to it. A Mingus like mashup of styles.
  30. Guidance
    by Russian Circles
    Vorel Vorel
  31. Smooth Jazz Apocalypse LIVE
    by Reinier Baas
    The Giant Everywhere [LIVE] The Giant Everywhere [LIVE]
  32. Night of Consecration
    by Pyriphlegethon
    Black Depths Beyond The Gate Black Depths Beyond The Gate
    Poppy, bubblegum black metal.
  33. Cortège d'Alsaxy
    by Andrea Valle
    Eleonore Eleonore
    Chaotic free jazz rock a la Blast ( They had the decency to restrict themselves to Ramones length songs (μ= 3.22 min. N= 6, σ= 0.01).
  34. The Interpreter
    by Daniel Ruane
    Trinkkets - Phaneron (Daniel Ruane Remix) Trinkkets - Phaneron (Daniel Ruane Remix)
    Mangled samples, beats and static clicks reminiscent of Autechre. Enough variation to keep it interesting. Enough conventional rhythms to make it palatable.
  35. Dyodyo Asema
    by Alkerdeel / Gnaw Their Tongues
    Dyodyo Asema Dyodyo Asema
    Wraahz üúrghhh hyrr, in a certain sort of way (but not necessarily as such).
    by Crypt Trip
    Natural Chylde Natural Chylde
    That 70's sound. Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Cream. I even enjoy the solos.
  37. Ode To The Flame
    by MANTAR
    Era Borealis Era Borealis
    Hard knocks and heavy riffs. In a way, Led Zeppelin stripped to the bone. No Jimmy Page and Robert Plant though, unless plants can contract bronchitis and pages can be turned without 15 minute solos.
  38. Shiwezwa
    by Namvula
    Nsalamo Nsalamo
  39. Changes
    by Charles Bradley
    Ain't It A Sin Ain't It A Sin
    Screaming, begging, pleading soul in the sixties seventies tradition. Nothing revolutionary or new. Just great because of a great voice and everything else is done so well.
  40. Amplifications
    by Lesley Flanigan
    Sleepy Sleepy
    Dreamy, elegant experimental music, based on voice, loops, and sometimes a little drone.
  41. Sorrows And Glories
    by Red Moon Road
    Crashing Down Crashing Down
    Rootsy bluegrass with powerful vocals. Good songwriting too. Not content with merely nailing the style.
  42. Africa to Appalachia
    by Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko
    Ninki Nanka Ninki Nanka
    Vintage Americana blend perfectly with Malinese kora music.
  43. CollidedVoices
    by Stephen Harvey
    Section IV Section IV
    Uneasy listening. Aural autoflagellation. Noisy drone a la Gnaw their Tongues, though, as evidenced by the non-burning churches on the sleeve (look closely, they aren't) , metal is not the starting point. The result is punishing nonetheless, especially track 1. Normally not my cup of tea/chalice of blood, but the medieval chant lends it some direction and, at times, a soothing quality.
  44. electrofeit
    by Fred Thomas
    The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080: 1. Contrapunctus I The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080: 1. Contrapunctus I
    Many tracks have that same soft spoken timbre that I love in Glenn Gould's 1962 recording of the Art of the Fugue. There is actually quite a bit more of it, since no one is trying to make something that is evidently not a harpsichord sound as one. -Someone is trying to make what's not(?) a Minimoog sound as one on track 4 though.
  45. Bach Tunes and Free Tango
    by Flutterband Trio
    Milonga quasi Presto Milonga quasi Presto
    Can't fault the title. Like Bach, severe and playful at the same time.
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