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  1. Toil in the Time of Monsters
    by Nuggiez
  2. Abstract Oils / Barcelona
    by CRUSH
  3. Warm Chris
    by Aldous Harding
  4. Cookie Brooklyn & the Crumbs - Singles 2013-19
    by Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs
  5. So Becoming
    by Emma Dilemma
  6. Ego Death
    by Danica Bryant
  7. Human
    by Georgia Lines
  8. Tropical Fish
    by Sea Mouse
  9. Unfathomed Waters
    by Jack Woodbury | Peter Liley
  10. Volume One
    by Darren Pickering Small Worlds
  11. Ain't Seen The Likes Of You Before
    by Zephyr Wills, Shayn Wills, and Freddy Limbert
  12. Workhorse
    by Kokomo
  13. Rescue Me (Album)
    by The Knids
  14. Violet French and The Horrible
    by Violet French and The Horrible
  15. L.$.D. Fundraiser ; 'Beware the Bourgeoise Masquerading as Precariat Artist'
    by chemical imbalance.
  16. New Primitive Error : 'The End is Nil'
    by chemical imbalance.
  17. In The Marigolds
    by Jim Nothing
  18. One Man Bannister- The Saddest Noise (2022)
    by PowertoolRecords
    by Jackie Bristow
  20. That's Democracy, Bitches!
    by Mark S Williams