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Marcus Lesser

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  1. The Outcome
    by Remember the Light
  2. Dear Diary
    by The Lust
  3. Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone
    by Sylvaine
  4. Mareridt (Deluxe Version)
    by Myrkur
  5. Revival
    by Emphasis
  6. Dreamshapes
    by Manora
  7. Revenge Of Souls
    by Oniricide
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Paramnesia
    by 11th Dimension
  9. Comma
    by April Weeps
  10. Karmalove
    by The Lust
  11. All Things Lost On Earth
    Rebirth Rebirth
  12. Drag Me Down
    by The Loved & Lost
    Undone Undone
  13. Of Jupiter And Moons
    by Temperance
  14. As Time Turns To Dust
    by Whyzdom
  15. The Fallen King
    by Frozen Crown
  16. Under The Waves
    by Light Among Shadows
  17. Monstermind
    by Neophobia
    06. Light Of The Lies 06. Light Of The Lies
  18. Rage to Master
    by Raina Maris
    Insatiable Insatiable
  19. Hand Of God "The Hand Of God"
    by Sleaszy Rider
  20. Even Vast "Hear Me Out"
    by Sleaszy Rider
  21. Regardless Of Me "The Covenant"
    by Sleaszy Rider
  22. Welcome to the New World
    by Walk In Darkness
  23. Close to Eternity
    by Magion
  24. A Different Shade of Darkness
    by Magion
  25. Pent Letters
    by Stormy Atmosphere
    Historical Adventure Historical Adventure
  26. ColorBlind
    by Stormy Atmosphere
    Bridge Bridge
  27. Seed
    by aelements
  28. Face Your Demons
    by Eilera
  29. Deadborn Dreams
    by Dreamgrave
  30. Monuments
    by Dreamgrave
  31. The Sun Will Rise in Me
    by CrimSun
    All Devils in Me All Devils in Me
  32. In the Shadows of Things
    by Walk In Darkness
  33. The Enchantress
    by KOBURG
    VIP member exclusive
  34. Tears of Lust (Album)
    by Angel Nation
  35. Wonderland Pit (2017)
    by Silvis Vetus
  36. Undying Fire
    by Mercy Isle
  37. Lust for Wonder
    by DÖXA
  38. The Divine Menace
    by Daedric Tales
  39. Messenger In A Soulless World
    by Age of Dust
  40. Exilés
    by Remember the Light
  41. Suffer
    by Jennie Vee
    Suffer Suffer
  42. Metamorphosis
    by Persona
  43. Redemption
    by Atomic Symphony
  44. Sands of Time
    by Scardust
    Arrowhead Arrowhead
  45. Phoenix Aflame
    by INSATIA
    We are the Grey We are the Grey