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  1. Consecration
    by High Priest
  2. Phantom Knocks
    by GRIN
  3. Translucent Blades
    by GRIN
  4. This Sceptred Veil
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
    King Beyond the Gates King Beyond the Gates
    Favorite track changes every day. This Album is so good. S. T. take their time to develope beautiful, dark soundscapes around clean, sometimes a bit roughed up vocals. There might Be nothing totally New about their music, but it is the sound I needed, a Sound that Grips me on each and every track.
  5. Trip to Finland
    by WEEDIAN
  6. Wrought
    by Hiroe
    by phiasco
    Loneliest Child Loneliest Child
    I am so happy to have stumbled upon this jewel. This Album is rolling and phiasco make it sound as if it is totally easy to groove so tight. Reminds me of Beehoover sometimes, other Passages Sound like late 70s Sabbath. The vocals are top notch and to me the reason to get back to the kettle (english for Kessel) on daily basis atm.
  8. You Can't Bury What Still Burns
    by Aptera
    Nepenthes Nepenthes
    It's dark, it's super heavy and even after ten runs you can easily find some new insane ideas you missed out before. Highly recommended.
  9. We Are What You Made Us
    by Capulus
  10. The Giant's Dream
    by warcoe
  11. KARSK
    by KARSK
  12. Modul I
    by Schubmodul
    Cosmic Haze Keeper Cosmic Haze Keeper
    This is a nö brainer if you are into Stoner Rock. Each Song keeps pushing you further, vocals are not necessary when the instruments have so many different interesting Stories to tell. Marvelous
  13. Soonago -Fathom
    by Soonago
    Apophenia Apophenia
    Flawless, on point and witty. Soonago Do never disappoint.
  14. Trip to Austria
    by WEEDIAN
  15. Hirschbrunnen
    by delving
    Delving Delving
    How much Elder can you find in delving? Well, surprisingly not that much which is very cool. Multi instrumentalist diSalvo lets his Spirit fly high on Hirschbrunnen. There is a certain lightness to the songs making me want to hear them again and again. Super cool piece of music, highly recommended.
  16. Bad Weather
    by Seething Sky
    Gravitational Waves Gravitational Waves
    Intense, yet always laid back. We don't need stressful moments here. Cleverly positioned samples, superbly done.
  17. Deus Ex Machina
    by Cloud
  18. Black Hole Mass
    by DÖ
  19. Void Odyssey
    by Void Odyssey
    Aberration Aberration
    First tracks I bought in 2022 and, boy, what have I found here. Perfect timing, eerie samples, excellent heavy sound, I love this EP. More please and fast!!! 😂
  20. Blood of the Old Gods
    by Restless Spirit