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  1. Under The Lampshade
    by the james clark institute
    Remarkably Like You Remarkably Like You
    Another fantastic album by James and the band. Lots of great guitar playing as well as strong vocal melodies. If you like power pop...this is a must own.
  2. You Have It All
    by Lobate Scarp
    You Have it All You Have it All
    Wow! What a great album. Lots of great songs and great production. Some impressive guests as well like Jon Davison and Billy Sherwood of Yes. This album should be in every prog rock lovers collection.
  3. The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book I
    by The Chronicles of Father Robin
    Eleision Forest Eleision Forest
    There has been much said about this album. ..and for good reason. A near perfectly written prog rock album. .filled with great guitar and vocal performances. As well, the lyrics bring you back to the mid 70's when fantasy story telling was king. Looking forward to the next 2 books.
  4. Blood, Bone, And Fire
  5. BIH!
    by Spudlok
    Hammer O'Death Hammer O'Death
    What a fascinating album. Very Zappa influenced, which is a good thing! Great playing mixed with humor is always a welcome combination to me.
  6. My Captain
    by Paul Zotter
    A fantastic song by a great musician and songwriter. I hope this song is part of a full length album yet to come.
  7. Never Hear the End of It
    by Sloan
  8. Fearless in Love
    by Voyager
    Prince of Fire Prince of Fire
    Fantastic album. I'm not usually into electronic prog music..but this is so well written and produced, you can't help but love it. So many great songs but Prince of Fire is my favorite. .for now..that could change with time.
  9. It All Began With Loneliness
    by The Anchoret
  10. The Continuum Synergy
    by Moonscape
  11. Brown Acid - The Eleventh Trip
    by RidingEasy Records
  12. The Fall Of The City
    by Ryan McKay
    Do You Want To Live? Do You Want To Live?
    Ryan McKay (Atomic Kings/Crash Street Kids) has released his long awaited debut solo album....and it's worth the wait. Filled with fantastic song writing that remind you of Queen..Cheap Trick and Kiss, it's melodic rock at its finest. Can't wait to hear what comes next.
  13. Second Skin
    by Ian Blurton
    Second Skin Second Skin
    Another Ian Blurton masterpiece. He is a real Canadian musical gem.
  14. ...and the Broken Brains
    by Ryan McKay
    Forever and a Moon Forever and a Moon
    Fantastic album..well written, catchy rock music...with elements of Queen, Cheap Trick and Kiss. This might be the surprise release of 2023.
  15. The Continuum Synergy
    by Moonscape
  16. The Prog Collective
    by The Prog Collective
    The Technical Divide (feat. Chris Squire, Gary Green & Alan Parsons) The Technical Divide (feat. Chris Squire, Gary Green & Alan Parsons)
    I remember the first time I found and listened to this album. ...I was completely blown away. Fantastic songwriting and great production. If you don't own this. ..grab a copy.
  17. Steady
    by Sloan
    Magical Thinking Magical Thinking
    Wow! What a great album. I'm a long time Sloan great to see the band firing on all cylinders still.
    I grabbed the vinyl of this album. Incredible that the drum tracks were recorded on a 4 track cassette machine. They sound great.
  18. A-Z
    by A-Z
    The Machine Gunner The Machine Gunner
    Fantastic album! Ray and Mark back together again with a stand out band. This is a must own for all prog rock/metal music fans. Plus the packaging is top notch and the vinyl looks and sounds great.
  19. You (single)
    by superchucker
    Great song! For you people who love no non-sense metal...this band is for you!
  20. EUPHORIA (Digital Version Not Available)